AGM Velodyne400x275Velodyne Lidar has announced that AGM Systems has deployed the Alpha Prime lidar sensor on its new AGM-MS5.Prime, AGM’s latest high-performance mobile scanning solution. The AGM system’s advanced 3D data capture capabilities allow mobile scanning for several applications, including mapping of extended linear objects, inventory of road infrastructure facilities, 3D modeling of urban environments and smart city infrastructure.


GPR 400x275WaveSense, which develops ground positioning radar for precise vehicle locations, has announced the release of its next-generation radar – Aegis – as well as changing its corporate name to GPR. The company said the new name reflects the shift towards establishing Ground Positioning Radar as an industry standard that “redefines what is possible in ADAS and AV by delivering vehicle positioning that works in nearly all conditions.”


Teledyne Topaz400x275Teledyne e2v has announced its Topaz series of industrial CMOS sensors with new 2-megapixal and 1.5-megapixel resolution devices. The new 1,920 by 1,080- and 1,920 by 800-pixel format sensors use low noise, global-shutter pixel technology to enable compact mobile designs for several applications.


Sensata400x275Sensata Technologies, which develops sensors and sensor-based solutions, has announced it will debut new Battery Management Systems (BMS) at next week’s Battery Show in Novi, Mich., from Sept. 14-16, 2021. The company also plans to highlight its sensing and control solutions that aim to make energy systems safer, cleaner, and more efficient.


ACT Viper400x275NASA has awarded Advanced Cooling Technologies (ACT) a $3.7 million contract to finalize the design and fabricate the flight thermal control system for the Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover (VIPER), which will explore the South Pole of the Moon.


PlusSmoke400x275Self-driving trucking technology firm Plus has announced it will collaborate with Teledyne FLIR on a development project to explore the addition of thermal cameras to the sensor stack used with Plus’ Level 4 autonomous driving technology.


VerticalTech400x275Vertical Technologies, a global provider of advanced vertical takeoff-and-landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), has announced a partnership with Agrowing, which develops dual-purpose AI-enabled multispectral sensors. The partnership will introduce the next level of drone-based high-resolution multispectral mapping technology through the DeltaQuad VTOL UAV.


Velodyne MOVAI 400x275Velodyne Lidar and MOV.AI have announced a collaboration to provide robot manufacturers with enterprise-grade automation solutions, including mapping, navigation, obstacle avoidance and risk avoidance. The MOV.AI Robotics Engine Platform, combined with Velodyne’s lidar sensors, aims to address the growing demand for automation in dynamic collaborative environments, including e-commerce, logistics, manufacturing, and hospitals.


IntrospectSV4E SVLSEC 400x275Introspect Technology, which manufactures test and measurement tools for high-speed digital applications, has announced the SV4E-SLVSEC, a 16-lane, 6.5 Gbps SLVS-EC Protocol Analyzer. The device enables the development, debugging and testing of image sensor and camera systems based on the Scalable Low Voltage Signaling Embedded Clock (SLVS-EC) Version 2.0 protocol.


MDA IM IM 1 400x275MDA Ltd., which develops advanced technology and services for the global space industry, has announced it signed an agreement with Intuitive Machines to provide lunar landing sensors to support its upcoming IM-1 and IM-2 missions. The sensors will support the first soft landing U.S. mission to the Moon since 1972, scheduled for early 2022. MDA landing sensors will also support the first-ever mining mission to the South pole of the Moon in late 2022, the company said.


SICK SLG 2 400x275SICK has announced the new SLG-2 automation light grid, the second generation of its “Slim Light Grid” family. The SLG-2 provides enhanced flexibility and functionality for high-performance detection and measurement applications.


LightWareLidar400x275LightWare Lidar, which designs and manufactures lidar sensors for autonomous vehicles and machines, has announced it is now shipping the smallest and lightest scanning lidar on the market. The SF45 scanning microLidar weighs only 59g but delivers the performance of much larger sensors, the company said.


TextronRCV M5 400x275Three companies have received a U.S. Army Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award to provide a ruggedized, software-reconfigurable sensor fusion platform for advanced monitoring and communications of Robotic Combat Vehicles (RCVs). VISIMO, Textron Systems, and krtkl (“critical”) will use the award to help integrate RCVS into tactical operating environments and the Army maintenance infrastructure.


Vayyar Piaggio400x275Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF), a Boston-based robotics company and developer of smart following technology, has announced it developed new sensor technology that can be implemented in consumer and business robots, but also in scooters and motorcycles.


TactileMobility400x275Tactile Mobility, which develops tactile data and virtual sensing technology, has announced the launch of a runover virtual solution that provides vehicles with the ability to identify in real time an initial runover of an object to prevent a full runover.


NorstatFM FMM 400x275Norstat has announced it is now offering a line of inductive proximity sensors with full stainless steel housings and sensing faces that make them ideal for harsh environments.