November 9, 2022

BlickfieldQb2 400x275Blickfeld, a Germany-based manufacturer of lidar sensor solutions, has announced the Qb2 solid-state, software-defined lidar device that enables the capture and processing of data on a single device. This removes the need for additional computers, as well as bringing faster insights, improved response times and better bandwidth availability.

The Qb2 device offers improved functionalities and performance parameters, such as enhanced adaptable field of view (FoV), detection range and scan pattern, plus higher resolution, accuracy and an IP67 rating.

With Blickfeld’s Percept software, the Smart Lidar solves complex challenges in a variety of applications, the company said. For those looking to source volume monitoring data – in the mining, agricultural, or construction industries – the Qb2 empowers on-demand, remote and precise monitoring and management of inventory across multiple locations, as well as the optimization and digitalization of the value chain, the company said.

“Where Blickfeld’s LiDAR Cube 1 has already revolutionized stockpile monitoring processes for leading companies, Qb2 with its proprietary solid-state software-defined lidar technology, will provide companies with an even more powerful, versatile and cost-efficient solution,” the company said.

In areas of crowd analytics and smart infrastructure, Qb2 can provide crowd analytics within retail and public spaces, such as city centers, shopping malls, airports and train stations. Using lidar to anonymously track crowds and analyze people or traffic flow data, businesses can improve customer satisfaction and experience, and increase operational efficiency, the company said.

“Launching our world-first smart lidar device is a major milestone as the device will revolutionize the IoT sector and we are incredibly excited about the opportunities it will provide industries and end-customers alike,” said Florian Petit, co-founder of  Blickfeld. “We look forward to working with our customers to bring them a sustainable solution that will ultimately make their operations more efficient and cost-effective.”

For more details on the Qb2, visit the Blickfeld website here.