June 7, 2022

VueRoboticsStation400x275New Hampshire-based Vue Robotics has announced it finished product development on its new weather security product, ARC1. The ARC1 is a solar-powered camera that includes integrated environmental sensors to provide real-time insights on site conditions.

The OmniVue software platform also provides persistent visual verification and environmental condition analysis of key infrastructure, business sites, and mission-critical facilities. The company said unforeseen environmental disruptions often require site-by-site, in-person inspections, which can often take several days or weeks to complete. The Vue product and service improves how state and local governments, businesses and real estate owners can respond and mitigate weather and environmental risks and emergencies.

“Vue’s service will better and more quickly inform the operational decisions that key stakeholders need to make leading up to, during, and after critical weather events,” said Patrick Baglien, co-founder and CEO of Vue Robotics. “We provide our customers with the ability to accurately assess, analyze and react to disruption events. The data our ARC1s provide are essential to supporting operational decisions, mitigating risk, and reducing loss.”


The ARC1 includes a low-light, high-definition camera built around an array of environmental sensors. It includes an infrared optical sensor that accurately measures ground and object temperature; a gas sensor that includes artificial intelligence; and an integrated high-linearity and high-accuracy pressure, humidity and temperature sensors. The gas sensor can detect Volatile Organic Compounds, Volatile Sulfur Compounds, and other gasses such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen in the part per billion range. The ARC1 is compact, completely wireless, solar-powered and communicates via 4G LTE cellular service.

The company is now accepting pre-orders, with shipping expected in late summer. Visit the Vue Robotics website for additional details.