March 29, 2022

VecnaPalletJack400x275Quanergy Systems, which develops lidar sensors and smart 3D solutions, has announced that its M1 lidar sensors were chosen by Vecna Robotics to deliver navigation on their new Vecna CPG autonomous co-bot pallet jack.

Vecna uses the sensors for natural feature navigation to help bring automation to long-ignored material handling workflows, such as pallet and tote consolidation, pick-to-packout, and quality assurance/quality control/rework. Lidar uses time-of-flight sensing to generate rich point cloud data about the surrounding area, allowing the cobot to navigate the warehouse autonomously, abandoning the need for expensive and inflexible beacons, Quanergy said.

“Quanergy’s M1 lidar sensors are key to achieving our objective of democratizing the adoption of robots in the material handling space,” said Zachary Dydek, chief technology officer at Vecna Robotics. “The cost-effective, industrial-grade sensors enable our robots to navigate quickly while co-working with humans using seamless touch-and-go automation, helping our customers overcome labor shortages and create a safer, more efficient warehouse.”

The company added that the use of lidar enables the cobot to collaborate with human partners, as when a vehicle can navigate a warehouse independently while increasing efficiency, uptime and safety.

The M1 lidar sensors include a 360-degree field of view, as well as industry-leading sensing range, Quanergy said. The sensors can also deliver reliable performance in harsh industrial environments, independent of lighting conditions.

“Lidar is driving the future of robotics, and we’re excited to be the ‘eyes’ of cobots like Vecna’s autonomous cobot pallet jack,” said Enzo Signore, chief marketing officer at Quanergy. “Where lidar was once expensive and unattainable for many, we’re now bringing this technology to the masses with cost-effective solutions that unlock the power of lidar and democratize the adoption of these robots.”

For more details on Quanergy and its offerings, visit their website here. For more details on the Vecna CPJ (cobot pallet jack), visit the Vecna Robotics website here.