November 4, 2021

OusterDFSeries400x275Ouster, which develops high-resolution digital lidar sensors, has announced the DF series, a flexible and scalable high-performance solid-state digital lidar platform aimed at the automotive industry.

The DF series is a suite of short, mid, and long-range solid-state digital lidar sensors that provide uniform precision imaging without motion blur across an entire field of view. With absolutely no moving parts, the DF series is built for best-in-class reliability, durability, and affordability, Ouster said. The DF series is designed to meet automaker requirements for advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving, while integrating into the vehicle’s architecture and design. Ouster said it expects to make the DF series available for consumer vehicles starting production in 2025. In addition, the company said it is shipping functional prototypes and samples to OEMs and Tier 1 partners.

“The DF series combines the best of Ouster’s previous solid-state roadmap with the core technology of its recently acquired solid-state platform to deliver a multi-sensor product suite that provides even greater performance and affordability,” said Shauna McIntyre, president of Ouster Automotive. “The vast majority of automotive OEMs we are in negotiations with are looking for a suite of lidar sensors, and as a one-stop shop, we believe Ouster is the only company poised to meet those requirements.”

OusterFlashLidar points800px

The flash lidar produces high-resolution 3D data and delivers rich point density on a low reflectivity target at 200 meters.

The platform includes the following capabilities:

  • 3D Data: the solid-state flash architecture produces high-resolution 3D point clouds up to 200 meters away for 10% reflective targets in full sunlight with no motion blur.
  • Flexibility: The multi-sensor suite can be easily adapted to different form factors and sensor configurations to provide varying ranges, fields of view, and vehicle design freedom – all with a simple change in optics. For example, the DF-0 is a short-range sensor designed for vehicle cocoon coverage, traffic jam assist, and emerging self-parking applications. The DF-1 is a mid-range sensor that enables wide angle coverage for L4 and L5 autonomous vehicle applications, and for detecting cut-ins and overhangs for L3+ automation. The DF-2 is a long-range sensor for forward-facing L2 to L3 automated highway driving and safe collision avoidance.
  • Scalability: Because there are no moving parts, the solid-state suite is designed to be highly manufacturable and offer the durability, reliability and affordability needed for automotive series production.

The company said it is offering the solid-state sensors and multi-sensor lidar suite at a price point that it expects will enable broad adoption in consumer vehicles. In addition, the company said it believes it is uniquely positioned to deliver on OEM requirements with a single supplier offering, reducing overall costs and making it an ideal partner for automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

For additional details about Ouster Automotive and the DF series, visit their website here.

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