April 13, 2021

InnovizTwo400x275Innoviz Technologies, which develops high-performance solid-state lidar sensors and perception software, has announced a 30x performance improvement for its InnovizTwo lidar sensor when compared to InnovizOne. The sensor, announced last year, also provides a 70% cost reduction, which Innoviz said will allow for its adoption by any type of vehicle. The company has shared the full updated specifications of InnovizTwo to establish the sensor’s “technological superiority and market leadership in the most transparent way.”

The InnovizTwo sensor is designed for automakers and robotaxi, shuttle, and delivery companies looking for automotive-grade, mass-producible solutions. The 905nm lidar sensor features a new detector, scanner, and multiple advances in the optical packaging and electric design, including an extended field of view (125 by 40 degrees), and increased native resolution of 0.07 by 0.05 degrees, with more than 8,000 lines each second.

“On our path to become the market leader, we feel responsible for helping to improve market understanding of lidars,” said Omer Keilaf, CEO and co-founder of Innoviz. “Our lidar offers impeccable visual performance, at such an impressive price point. I believe InnovizTwo is the world’s most powerful lidar that will soon make autonomous vehicles and everyday safer reality. Its specs and features are designed to exceed customer requirements. I could not be prouder of our engineering team for achieving this incredible technological feat.”

Additional features of InnovizTwo include:

  • A range of 300 meters, with the ability to see small, dark objects with 10% reflectivity at under 220m under strong sun conditions of 100Klux using the high resolution of 0.07 by 0.05 degrees and 20 frames per second, keeping full field of view (FoV).
  • Configurable FoV, region of interest (ROI) and frame rate, allowing for adjustments to dynamic scenario configuration. This combination of very wide FoV with very long range replaces the need for installing multiple lidars, the company said.
  • An embedded automotive-grade perception platform (InnovizAPP) for object detection and classification of cars, pedestrians, and motorcycles that also provides shape, orientation, velocity, acceleration and occlusion status. The sensor provides a secure and holistic solution that includes classification and detection capabilities in addition to the point cloud within the same box.
  • ASIL B(D) functional safety, a full temperature range of -40 to 85 degrees Celsius, AUTOSAR, ASPICE, cyber-protection and automotive Ethernet interface.
  • A flexible and modular design to allow for multiple designs among markets and verticals.

Innoviz said samples of InnovizTwo will undergo rigorous testing and revisions this year in order to reach an optimum design. The sensor is expected to enter series production during 2022 to serve leading OEM car programs due in 2023. The company said its goal is to reach production levels between 500,000 and 1 million units per year by 2024. Customers using InnovizOne today will be able to switch to InnovizTwo as their programs scale, to leverage cost and performance improvements, the company said. InnovizOne, already in production, has been chosen by BMW for use on several of its models, supporting its first generation of consumer autonomous vehicles.

More details on the company and its lidar sensors are available at the Innoviz website.