Denso VisionSensor400x275DENSO Corporation has announced it expanded the detection angle of its vision sensor, increasing the sensor’s ability to recognize pedestrians and bicycles around a vehicle to improve road safety. The vision sensor is used on some grades of the Subaru Legacy Outback, announced in April 2022 for the North American market, and the Subaru Crosstrek, announced in September 2022 for the Japanese market.


GelSightMini400x275GelSight, which develops tactile intelligence sensor technologies, has announced the release of its GelSight Mini, an artificial-intelligence powered 3D tactile sensor. The sensor offers “superhuman touch resolution” to the commercial market, with a compact design for human hands, and robust enough for use by robots and cobots, the company said. In addition, the GelSight Mini can take just five minutes to deliver shareable results out of the box.


SILC PointCloud400x275SiLC Technologies, which develops machine vision and silicon photonics, has announced that its Eyeonic Vision Sensor has demonstrated the ability to perceive, identify and avoid objects at a range of more than one kilometer. Earlier this year the company demonstrated a detection range of more than 500 meters at CES, and the company said it has now optimized its technology to go beyond 1,000 meters.


AeroVironmentMantis400x275AeroVironment has announced its Mantis i23 D, a multi-sensor daytime imaging payload that is compatible with the Raven B small unmanned aircraft systems (SUAS). The Mantis i23 D is an enhanced daylight variant of its predecessor, the Mantis i23, and uses the same modular interface to allow for quick and simple swapping between payloads with no software updates required to avionics or ground control systems.


MatrixSpaceFunding400x275Burlington, Mass.-based MatrixSpace, which is developing the next generation of artificial intelligence-enabled sensing solutions, has announced raising $10.1 million in private investor funding, with secured enterprise and government customers in place.


Vention FlexxBeacon400x275Vention's Flexx Beacon Sensors provide Bluetooth connectivity and proximity scanning between Universal Robots and a manufacturing work cell.


CobaltRobotics Door400x275Safetrust, which develops secure and virtual credential solutions, has announced further integration of its sensor ecosystem into Cobalt Robotics’ autonomous mobile security robots. The expanded partnership allows Cobalt robots to connect with the Safetrust ecosystem of security offerings more seamlessly.


Aeva Aeries2 SICK400x275Aeva, which develops next-generation sensing and perception systems, has announced a strategic multi-year collaboration with SICK AG. The collaboration will bring Aeva’s Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) 4D lidar to several industrial sensing applications, including long-range sensing with its Aeries II sensor.


XfuseAI Board400x275Xfuse LLC, which develops customizable imaging and video technology, has announced it intends to deliver hardware and software tools to advance the next-generation of autonomous vehicles, robotics, and artificial intelligence applications. The company’s proprietary Phoenix HDR Image Signal Processing (ISP) technology supports multiple different sensor types simultaneously to fuse data-rich HDR video in real time, with minimal latency.


ToposensEchoOne 400x275Munich, Germany-based Toposens has announced the market launch of its Toposens 3D Collision Avoidance System for mobile robots, based on its 3D ultrasonic echolocation technology. Based on the principle of echolocation as seen in bats, the Echo One compensates for the drawbacks of optical sensors through the use of sound-based triangulation combined with sophisticated noise-filtering software.


YITOA MEMS MirrorIC 400x275Japan’s YITOA Micro Technology Corporation has announced the development of the MEMS Mirror IC for use in automotive lidar applications. Samples are expected to begin shipping by the end of this month.


ArbeLynx400x275Israel’s Arbe Robotics has announced its Lynx system, a surround imaging radar that processes 24 by 12 channels and is the only long-range, high-resolution, 360-degree sensing system available on the market. Arbe said Lynx outperforms the current industry 3 by 4 corner radars, and even the most advanced 12 by 16 front radars, which makes it the first surround radar “able to enhance perception and sensor fusion.”


Spot Velodyne400x275Velodyne Lidar has announced a multi-year agreement for its lidar sensors with Boston Dynamics, makers of the mobile robot Spot and other robotics systems. The company chose Velodyne’s sensors to provide perception and navigation capabilities for its mobile robots, which aim to tackle the toughest robotics challenges.


Toppan ToF prototype400x275Toppan, which develops communication, security and electronics solutions, has announced a partnership with Brookman Technology to employ a hybrid time-of-flight (ToF) method to develop a three-dimensional range image sensor that can measure distances from one to 30 meters.



Kodiak SensorPod400x275Kodiak Robotics, which is developing self-driving truck technology, has announced a technical partnership with Southern Tire Mart / Southern Tire Mart at Pilot, demonstrating that its pre-calibrated, pre-built SensorPods can be completely removed and replaced by a mechanic without specialized training. The goal is to eliminate the need for a specialized technician to replace AV sensors, especially when long-haul trucks may need service in remote areas.


VueRoboticsStation400x275New Hampshire-based Vue Robotics has announced it finished product development on its new weather security product, ARC1. The ARC1 is a solar-powered camera that includes integrated environmental sensors to provide real-time insights on site conditions.