InnovizLandscape400x275Israel-based Innoviz Technologies has announced the launch of its next-generation lidar sensor, the Innoviz360. The third-generation of its lidar sensor will be offered alongside Innoviz’s perception software, which converts the raw point cloud data into high-quality outputs for object detection, classification and tracking. Samples are expected to be available in Q4 2022.


QuanergyCharger400x275Quanergy Systems, which provides lidar sensors and smart perception solutions, has partnered with iCent (the company’s system integrator in Korea) to showcase a next-generation autonomous electric vehicle (EV) charging robot for smart city planning. The M-series 3D lidar sensors and advanced 3D perception software Qortex will be installed on the robots to provide them with advanced navigational capabilities.


Newsight NSI1000A0M 400x275Israel-based Newsight Imaging has announced the NSI1000A0M, an optimized version of its NSI1000 sensor designed for outdoor 3D imaging and low reflectance applications. The new sensor is already being integrated with select customers in the smart city, automotive and industry 4.0 markets, Newsight said.


ACIENNA currentsensor 400x275ACEINNA has announced a new current sensor designed for wideband gap (WBG) applications, which can include industrial robots and manufacturing systems, as well as home automation, appliances, motor control and DC fast charging, among others. The ±65 Amp MCx1101 Current Sensor is available in 3.3- and 5-volt versions, and units are now available for sampling and volume discounts.


QuanergyM1Edge 400x275Quanergy Energy Systems, which develops OPA-based solid-state lidar sensors for automotive and IoT use cases, has announced the M1 Edge 2D lidar sensors paired with Quanergy’s QORTEX Aware perception software. The M1 Edge is an integrated software and hardware solution designed to collect, analyze and interpret lidar point cloud data for several industrial applications without requiring additional programming.


PointOneNavigation400x275Point One Navigation, which is developing precision location technology, has announced it has emerged from stealth mode and closed a $10 million Series A round of funding. The round was led by UP.Partners, with participation from existing investors BOLT, IA Ventures and Ludlow Ventures.


DigitTactileSensor400x275GelSight, which develops tactile imaging and sensing technologies, has announced a partnership with Meta AI to commercialize and manufacture the DIGIT tactile sensor and expand the field of tactile sensing research.


OusterDFSeries400x275Ouster, which develops high-resolution digital lidar sensors, has announced the DF series, a flexible and scalable high-performance solid-state digital lidar platform aimed at the automotive industry.


Seeker VOXL CAM 400x275ModalAI has announced the release of two products to help developers create smaller, smarter and safer robots and drones. The VOXL CAM perception engine and the Seeker micro-development drone are optimized for the development of indoor and outdoor autonomous navigation. The companies are now available for sale at the ModalAI website.


WeRideL4 SuiteSensor400x275China’s WeRide has launched its WeRide Sensor Suite 4.0, a small-sized, lightweight model that provides accurate and reliable perception capabilities aimed at Level 4 self-driving passenger vehicles.


FixpositionVision RTK400x275Switzerland-based Fixposition AG, which develops high-precision positioning information in the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), has announced raising an additional $5.95 million in an extension of its seed financing round.


ATIMini43LP 400x275ATI Industrial Automation has announced the development of the ultra-thin Mini43LP Force/Torque Sensor, which provides high-precision force sensing in a rugged, yet compact transducer. At less than 8mm tall, the sensor is part of the company’s force/torque sensor family and is aimed at smaller automated applications.


ZyterSmartWarehouse400x275Zyter has announced they are implementing a next-generation smart warehouse for OneScreen, located in San Diego. The warehouse will be equipped with products from Qualcomm Technologies and include technologies such as an LTE-based private network, implementation of a digital twin, robust warehouse management system, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), AR/VR technologies, IoT sensors, and more.


Fluke SV600 400x275Fluke Process Instruments, which develops infrared imaging and thermal profiling solutions for industrial applications, has announced the release of its first acoustic imaging solution, the SV600 Fixed Acoustic Imager.


Echo1 CollisionAvoid400x275Germany’s Toposens GmbH has announced the release of its new Ultrasonic Echolocation Sensor for 3D Collision Avoidance, the Echo One DK. The industrial-grade sensor development kit is based on the company’s 3D ultrasonic technology, which mimics a bat’s echolocation techniques. The sensors can help automated guided vehicles, robots and other industrial applications to avoid collisions.


KodiakNewTruck400x275Kodiak Robotics, which is developing self-driving truck technology, has announced its fourth-generation autonomous truck. The new truck will feature Luminar’s Iris lidar, ZF’s Full Range Radar, Hesai’s 360-degree scanning lidars for side- and rear-view detection, a Cummins X15 Series engine, Bridgestone Americas’ smart-sensing tire technology, and the NVIDIA DRIVE platform. The company said the fourth-generation trucks will debut on-road starting in Q4 2021, as it begins to take delivery of 15 new tractors.