November 15, 2022

AutoStoreUnifyModule400x275AutoStore, which develops a 3D cube storage automation platform for warehouse fulfillment operations, has announced a new cloud-based service and data platform for its automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS).

The new Unify Analytics offering is available in two versions: a web application that lets customers view real-time statistics and analytics, and an application programming interface (API) that enables seamless integration with other external third-party applications.

“Businesses can reap multiple benefits by combining automated storage and retrieval and data-led insights,” said Andreas Munch, product manager at AutoStore. “This data analysis tool will allow businesses to be more proactive and respond rapidly to real-time challenges.”

The service uses several performance analysis dashboards that provide graphical representations of operational information, AutoStore said. Examples of available data include uptime and number of stops within the system; waiting time per bin; average distance per robot; and the number of tasks a customer has prepared in the system per hour. It can also show whether the software and firmware of the AS/RS has been updated.

“Data is only effective if we measure the right metrics,” said Munch. “We currently include a selected list of key metrics and will develop and add new features to the software gradually, in close dialogue with our users.”

AutoStore said it plans to add an alert functionality, giving users notifications via email or SMS when set conditions are triggered.

The company also announced that it has surpassed 1,000 installed systems in 46 countries, which represents a 233% increase in system growth since 2018.

For more details on AutoStore and its technology offerings, visit its website here.