November 1, 2022

BrainOS Upgrade400x275Brain Corp, which develops artificial intelligence for use in robotics, has announced the launch of its third-generation autonomy platform for commercial robotics. The new platform is the latest version of its BrainOS autonomous robotic operating system, which currently powers more than 20,000 autonomous robots working in public spaces.

Brain said the new modular architecture includes features for faster and easier product development, as well as advances designed to expand potential robot applications and advance machine capabilities in the areas of performance, safety and security. This includes improved localization and navigation, improved human-robot interaction, and new vision-based AI data applications.

“We’re immensely excited about the potential our third generation platform unlocks for the future of robotics,” said David Pinn, CEO of Brain Corp. “Automated robotic solutions are becoming increasingly compelling for industry leaders due to their ability to seamlessly integrate alongside human teams and supercharge operations within a fast growing range of commercial environments. We believe the new platform will be a catalyst for a host of robotic advances and are looking forward to collaborating with innovators from across the globe to help bring their ideas to life and build solutions to solve their biggest problems.”


As part of the launch, Brain has teamed up with Flex, a manufacturer, to develop a suite of enabling hardware components and a series of prototype autonomous robotics solutions that address several commercial and industrial pain points. The prototypes are being developed with a modular approach for software and hardware components, offering maximum flexibility and utility for customers looking to quickly and cost-effectively commercialize new robotic solutions, Brain said.

“With continuing disruptions to global supply chains and shifting availability of workforces, robotic automation is at the forefront of the industrial transformation and provides an effective solution for global companies to accelerate innovation, speed time to market, and adopt more sustainable business practices,” said Chris Butler, president of industrial business at Flex. “Our collaboration with Brain Corp allows us to deliver a complete, scalable, end-to-end next-generation platform for customers to rapidly develop and differentiate their autonomous robotic applications as well as achieve their business and operational goals.”

Brain said it expects that the first robots powered by its third-generation platform will be deployed in late 2023 to early 2024.

For more details on the company and its technology, visit the Brain Corp website here.