July 19, 2022

OmronFactoryRecorder400x275Automation solution provider Omron Automation Americas has launched a new Factory Drive Recorder software that is fully compatible with its Omron M Series cameras. The new solution aims to help engineers perform high-level corrective maintenance in the life science, automotive, semiconductor, electronics, machine tooling, and food and beverage industries.

Determining the causes of errors during production can be difficult and time-consuming due to a lack of readily available evidence leading up to and immediately following a precipitating event, Omron said. Many traditional event capture systems are either too expensive to purchase or too complicated to set up, so companies must often have experts and dedicated personnel available to maintain and run them. 

Omron said Factory Drive Recorder is designed to be an affordable, out-of-the-box solution that can record video up to five minutes before and after a designated incident, based on a variety of triggers. It can monitor up to eight cameras on a single system, allowing designers and engineers to monitor error detection at multiple locations when an incident occurs.

Engineers can utilize the following four triggering methods to prompt recording:

  • Time-based (triggering every X period of time)
  • Motion detection (e.g., when a door opens)
  • Master image comparison
  • Trigger signal (whether from a sensor, PLC, or another external source).

Factory Drive Recorder is designed to work with Omron’s industrial cameras, and it has a significantly lower cost compared with traditional event capture software systems, the company said. The software is compatible with the M Series GigE Vision and the M Series USB3 Vision. These cameras feature resolutions from 0.4 to 20 megapixels and frame rates as high as 527 frames per second, including a multitude of high-end Sony Pregius sensors with Global Shutter.

For more details on the software, visit the Omron website here.