June 7, 2022

OTTO1500 load 400x275Canadian-based OTTO Motors, which develops autonomous mobile robots, has announced new software that gives customers better visibility and depth into their fleet’s performance. The new tools include ways for customers to analyze their system, identify risks, and optimize an AMR-driven material flow.

“Over the last few years, we’ve seen facilities test AMRs for automated material handling,” said Jay Judkowitz, vice president of product at OTTO Motors. “Today, they are no longer testing, they are operationalizing. As a result, our customers’ needs are evolving and we are with them. This software release is about giving operators better visibility and depth of their fleet’s performance including dashboards, analytics, video playbacks, and troubleshooting capabilities that are unmatched in the market.”

The new features of the software include:

  • Capabilities for independent troubleshooting and fleet analysis. Customers can now playback snapshots, which are detailed logs of Fleet Manager, robot actions and statuses presented in video form. They can show what a robot was “seeing” and “thinking” at the time of an issue. Because the snapshot playback can be done inside Fleet Manager, customers can run immediate diagnosis of issues on their own without calling customer support.
  • A display of a historical timeline of exceptions can create snapshots to send to customer support, or for internal playback, with the ability to review the history of exceptions, spot trends, correlate them to events in their facility and diagnose root causes.
  • Fleet analytics for process improvements: A new Fleet Analytics tool gives insights into a deployed fleet. Operators can find jobs, places, robots or tasks that are slow or failure prone in order to target process improvements to increase the material handling flow.
  • A new Fleet Dashboard, designed for a large-screen TV, provides an at-a-glance status view of the fleet from across the floor, which gives another way for customers to stay on top of their operations.

For more details on the technology and AMRs used by OTTO Motors, visit its website here.