October 20, 2022

By Tom Atwood

Celera Everest ServoDrive400x275Celera Motion has announced a new addition to its Everest Series, an ultra-compact, smart and high-powered servo drive built with shielded body construction for “best-in-class heat dissipation and ultra-low radiated emissions.” The small size can be helpful for robotic applications including surgical, exoskeletons, pan/tilt gimbals, collaborative robots and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), Celera Motion said.

The Everest S is about 30% smaller than its predecessor, and is now faster as well – the EtherCAT and CANopen versions deliver bus latency reduced to one cycle, which makes it “the fastest servo drive on the market today,” the company said.

With advanced transistor technology, the small size of the Everest Series “enables it to be mounted virtually anywhere, including robot joints, wearable robots, unmanned ground or aerial vehicles, as well as inside motors,” the company said. The series is not just a BLDC motion controller, but also features advanced transistor technology that “delivers the highest power density and efficiency while keeping negligible electromagnetic interference (EMI), providing linear amplifier performance.”

“We’re excited to introduce the Everest S to meet the growing demand for smaller, faster servo drives that provide more space for applications and even better performance,” said Marc Vila, director of strategy & business development at Celera Motion. “Our goal is to give product designers as much freedom and flexibility as possible, and the Everest S delivers that and more.”

The Everest series also includes the Everest Core (26 by 24.5 by 17 mm and 16g weight), Everest NET (34.5 by 26 by 10.3 mm and 24g weight), and the Everest S XCR (42 by 28 by 19.4 mm and 38g weight).

Features of the Everest Series include:

  • Dual (motor and load) loop support for unparalleled precision 
  • 16-bit high-resolution torque sensing 
  • Ultra-fast servo loops for smooth operation 
  • Ready-to-use connectors for fast development time 
  • Highest power density smart servo drive, up to 60 A 
  • Wide voltage range for DC bus or battery operation, up to 72 V 
  • Low channel resistance for highest efficiency, up to 98% 
  • Functional safety STO SIL3 Ple (TÜV certified)

Further specifications and details are available at the Celera Motion website.

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