July. 27, 2022

OrientalMotor AZD KR2D4 400x275What is it? The AZ Series mini Driver works with a variety of AlphaStep AZ Series DC input products. The system is modular with customized options for a variety of fixed and mobile applications. This driver can be controlled using RS-485 communication and daisy chained. Because the mini Driver is designed to be close to the motor, it is ideal for robotics applications. The elimination of switches and I/O connectors allows for a compact and lightweight design, approximately 60 g (2.11 oz). This reduces overall equipment mass and load on equipment. It can be installed directly with two screws and utilizes MEXE02 support software, which is available for free download.

With the AZ Series, no external sensors and related wiring is required. High positioning accuracy can be achieved by using the mechanical battery-free absolute sensor (ABZO Sensor). The AZ Series mini driver option is compatible with battery power operations for use in a wide range of applications. No DIN rail is required. The servo emulation mode optimizes the current provided to the motor to match the load conditions, minimizing energy consumption. 

Key features include:

  • Can be controlled using RS-485 communication and be daisy chained
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Simple installation with two screws
  • No external sensors and no related wiring is required
  • High positioning accuracy using the mechanical battery-free ABZO Sensor
  • No DIN rail is required

OrientalMotor AlphaStepMiniDriver800px

For technical specifications, please see the product PDF.

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