July 20, 2022

ResgreenPullbuddy400x275Mobile robot company Resgreen Group has announced it is testing a new brushless motor for its PullBuddy Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV), which can move loads up to 3,000 pounds. The brushless motor has a higher torque compared to the currently used brushed motor, which will lead to better performance and increased horsepower, the company said. In addition, the new motor requires less maintenance.

“Our engineering team is constantly looking for ways to improve our products, making them easier to manufacture, install and service for our customers,” said Parsh Patel, CEO of Resgreen Group. “Our focus is finding next-generation technologies that streamline processes and increase productivity.”

The company said one of the primary criteria used to evaluate new brushless drive motor systems was the stability of supply. “As the supply chain crisis continues, it’s important to be flexible and diligent in terms of finding new suppliers and managing your inventory,” said Sarah Carlson, vice president of marketing communications at Resgreen Group. “We want to ensure our products are available to our customers when they need them and not months down the road.”

The PullBuddy is a magnetic-tape guided AGV that is less than 12 inches high, letting it tunnel under load handling frames (LHFs). The vehicle uses a pop-up pin to automatically connect and disconnect from LHFs for seamless, 24/7 operation. It can also be equipped with several accessories such as scissor lifts, roller conveyors, and customized carts that work in applications from assembly to transporting goods in a warehouse.

To learn more about Resgreen and the PullBuddy, visit its website here.

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