June 17, 2022

OrientalMotor BLH motors400x275Product name: BLH Series of brushless DC motors from Oriental Motor USA now includes all-new Connector Type motors.

What is it? The BLH Connector Type features an all-new motor with a motor connector to attach a single motor cable. The original BLH design used a connection cable between the motor lead wires and the driver. The same three driver types are available with the new Connector Type, and has an “H” designated in its product code.

Traditional gearheads designed for use with the classic BLH design are also compatible with the new Connector Type, Oriental Motor said. In addition, a new Center Shaft (CS) gearhead with increased torque and larger overhung load is exclusively available for the new Connector Type. The 42mm and 650mm frames both include two power outputs under each frame size. The 42mm frame size is available with 15W and 30W power outputs, and the 60mm includes 30W and 50W power outputs.

Key features:

  • New connector makes setup quick and easy
  • Traditional BLH gearheads are compatible with the new Connector Type
  • New CS gearhead is available exclusively for the new Connector Type
  • 42mm and 60mm frame sizes available with two power outputs each
  • 42mm available with 15W and 30W
  • 60mm available with 30W and 50W
  • New misty gray paint differentiates the new motor and gearhead from traditional design

More details on the motors are available by contacting Oriental Motor technical support at 800-468-3982, or visiting the company’s website here.

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