April 1, 2022

MaxonDroneMotor400x275Product name: MAXON EC 69 flat UAV Motor

What is it? MAXON offers a large variety of custom drive motors for drones. The new EC 69 flat drone motor is a brushless motor optimized for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and drone applications. The EC 69 flat UAV motor and matching UAV-ESC 52/30 electronic speed controller (ESC) are designed to deliver high torque and power density with minimal vibration, and a long service life.

MAXON drones powered by this motor are designed for inspection tasks in constricted environments such as chimneys, shafts, and tanks, and for agriculture and industrial inspections, among other applications.

For detailed motor specifications, click here.

Key motor features:

  • 69 mm brushless motor
  • Weight: 269g (including 210 mm cable)
  • Number of pole pairs: 14
  • Number of phases: 3
  • Operating ambient temperature:  -20 to +50 C°
  • Maximum winding temperature:  +155 C°
  • Recommended propeller: 22x7.4; max rpm: 8200 

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