September 23, 2021

SDP SI 042 400x275Stock Drive Products / Sterling Instrument (SDP/SI), which provides mechanical and electromechanical design, engineering, and precision manufacturing for motion and power transmission applications, has announced launching a series of frameless motors as a drop-in solution for robotics applications.

Designed to be pressed into a machine’s housing, the SDP/SI NH1-D series Frameless Brushless Motors provide a compact, lightweight, and powerful motor solution. The motors are available in standard sizes, 35mm, 52mm, 64mm, 77mm, and 100mm, and are machine wound with bondable magnet wire for superior dependability. Each motor features a large inner diameter rotor, permitting easy cable management.

Because of its compact size, the NH1-D series can fit easily into smaller machines that require precision, high efficiency, low inertia, and high torque density, SDP/SI said.

“Rated for continuous operation, the frameless brushless DC motors are an ideal solution for many applications, including the replacement of heavier, traditional motors by eliminating components, reducing torsional losses, decreasing weight, system inertia, and size envelope, while providing maximum speed control,” said Jacques Lemire, business unit director, motors & motion control. “Offering an assortment of motion control solutions that ensure accuracy and dependability, the frameless motors provide an additional option to those in the robotics, industrial automation, and medical industries.”

SDP/SI said its products are available with a wide range of standard features for easy integration intended for robotics and industrial automation applications. The company offers integrated motor drive controllers, DC motors, gearheads, AGV gear motors and several other AGV accessories, including optical flow sensors, magnetic track following sensors, and controller network communication options.

For more details and information, visit the SDP/SI website here.