August 30, 2021

JVL ServoStep400x275JVL A/S, a leader in producing integrated servo and stepper motors, has announced a new addition to its ServoStep motors – a directly mountable motor for driving spindles. The company said the new motor is aimed at replacing hand wheels in format change applications. The new motor is available through Electromate, which offers robotic and mechatronic solutions.

The ServoStep has everything built in, including motor, encoder, drive electronics, control electronics with ePLC and optional Ethernet or CAN bus integrated into a compact unit. Major industrial Ethernet protocols, including Profinet, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, SERCOS, ModbusTCP/UDP and Powerlink are available, the company said.

Features include:

  • Double Ball Bearings enabling up to 7100 N axial load
  • Closed-loop control
  • Energy efficient due to automatic current control
  • Built-in ePLC with 8 DIO, 24V or 0-5V (12-bit) analog input with advanced filtering
  • Ultra-high resolution: 409600 step/rev
  • Speed-resolution down to ±0.01 RPM
  • Change speed or torque or other parameters ”on-the-fly” (while driving)
  • Optional: CANopen protocol with DS 301 and DSP 401 support
  • Optional: STO (safe torque off, SIL3)

Below versions can be delivered:

  • Rolled ball screw up to 3 meters
  • Captive version up to 127 mm travel length
  • Motor without screw, for mounting of own screws

On request:

  • Custom screw end machining
  • Higher IP protection (for motor only)
  • Trapeze lead screw with POM or brass material nut
  • Teflon coating (only Captive version)

For additional information, visit the Electromate website here.