August 2, 2021

AMC Image FM060 5 RMAdvanced Motion Controls, which develops servo drives and other motion technologies, recently announced launching nine new models within its FlexPro servo drive family. The new models introduce RS485 and RS232 communications to the drive, making it the fourth network offered in addition to EtherCAT, CANopen, and Ethernet/IP.

While RS485/232 servo drives have been available since 2001, the new models from Advanced Motion Controls are adding this technology to the FlexPro technology, the company said.

Features include input voltage between 10 and 550VDC, continuous current options for 5A, 10A and 25A, and feedback for BiSS-C, EnDat, Incremental Encoder and Hall Sensors. The drives measure 38mm by 25mm, with four drives able to fit on the size of a standard business card.

The company said the smaller servo drives give machine designers more options with how and where to position the drives within their designs. “Since FlexPro doesn’t sacrifice on power, performance or features when compared with our larger servo drives, the final result is machines that are lighter, quicker and more efficient than previously possible.

The new nine models include PCB Mount options (FE060-5-RM, FE060-10-RM, FE060-25-RM), Machine Embedded (FM060-5-RM, FM060-10-RM, FM060-25-RM) and Development Board (FD060-5-RM, FD060-10-RM, FD060-25-RM).

For more details and specifications, visit the Advanced Motion Controls website here.

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