February 16, 2021

CeleraMotionCapitan400x275Celera Motion, which develops precision motion component and sub-system solutions, has announced its Capitan Series to their line of premium performance Ingenia servo drives. 

The series uses the most advanced transistor technology available and delivers the highest power density in the smallest profile possible, Celera said. Features include optimized communications latency, a reduction in standby power consumption to minimize heat generation, and the firmware architecture is designed to accommodate PWM frequencies up to 200 kHz with maximum bus voltage utilization, to enable low inductance motor control. Communications options include EtherCAT, CANopen, and SPI.

The new servo drives can deliver maximum performance, efficiency, and effectiveness in demanding applications, including surgical robots, exoskeletons, gimbals, robotic joints, flat actuators, end-effectors, and haptics, the company said.

“Robotics is a very competitive market, evolving rapidly, and requiring best-in-class servo drive technology,” said Mark Vila, business director for Ingenia Servo Drives at Celera Motion. “Application-focused servo drives like Capitan, where we have included features specifically required for those market segments, dramatically help engineers to accelerate their designs, be more competitive and keep the focus on their core business.”

The series includes a ready-to-use version (XCR) that enables quick installation and system commissioning. Pluggable module versions (NET and CORE) allow for easy integration into a carrier board.

Bedford, Mass.-based Celera said the state-of-the-art power control and a standby power consumption that goes down to 1.12 W combine to deliver up to 99% efficiency. Fast current and servo loops combined with PWM frequencies up to 200 kHZ offer best-in-class performance, the company adds.

For more details on the series, head to this Celera Motion website. The drives are available immediately for purchase here.

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