December 14, 2020

AMC Image FE060 25 EM 400x275Advanced Motion Controls recently uploaded a video to its blog showcasing a closer look at its FE060-25-EM EtherCAT servo drive.

The drive offers up to 50A peak and 25A continuous power, and is also available in 10A continuous and 5A continuous versions. It has a 10-55VDC operating range, and works with EtherCAT and CANopen. It offers full tuning control of all servo loops, and is designed for distributed or centralized servo systems. More details on the servo drive can be found on its product page.

Take a look at the video below:



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BLV Series R Type Brushless DC Motor


  • "The BLV Series R Type brushless DC motor (BLDC motor) speed control system offers the design of motor and driver significantly reduced in size and weight, yet high-power, and contributes to the battery driven automation."



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