November 8, 2022

Maxon DT85 motors400x275At this week’s SPS 2022 trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany, maxon has announced the launch of five new products. All of the new products are designed for the efficient use of resources and compactness, for technical solutions that need to fit into compact and tiny spaces.

The ECX SPEED 8 motors now come with pin connection for space-saving design, maxon said. The new connection variant can be configured in the online shop for all ECX SPEED 8 motors. Pin connections are made for the installation of drives in compact devices, or systems where the available space is limited, or easy cleaning is required. Maxon said the pin variant is used in medical technology, such as surgical robots, hand prosthetics, and implants.

The ENX 32 MILE encoder expands the ECX FLAT 32 series of flat motors. The inductive encoder is integrated in the motor, resulting in an extremely short drive unit. The ENX 32 MILE is the smallest MILE encoder currently available, and offers an impressive resolution and high accuracy, the company said. The encoder with inverse signals is also resistant to magnetic and electrical fields, as well as dirt. The ENX 32 MILE will be available at maxon’s online shop in April 2023, with samples available for order later this month.

The MicroMACS6 is a programmable motion controller designed to synchronize several axes in real time. The master controller is available with an optional Bluetooth service and support interface for the first time, maxon said. The MicroMACS6 has no power stages, and autonomously controls up to six axes. The controller includes two independent CAN interfaces, as well as Ethernet and USB interfaces. Maxon said the MicroMACS6 is ideal for equipment engineering, and is also compatible with ESCON and EPOS power stages.

Maxon said another milestone in torques is the combination of the industrial drive IDX 56 and the GB 28 worm gear from Parvalux, with a peak torque of up to 8 Nm. Even more powerful is the new IDX 70 with the configurable GPX 70 planetary gearhead, with a peak torque of 87.5 Nm.

Two new EC frameless DT85 M and L motors (pictured above) are paving the way for what some customers have already observed, namely a new product range covering different size and power needs, maxon said. Based on the EC frameless DT50 motor, the new motor size covers applications with the highest requirements for torque. Features of the EC frameless DT motor series include minimal rotor inertia, improved heat dissipation, compactness, and extremely simple integration. The new motor also allows for large hollow shafts, which are used for the power supply or signal lines. The DT85 will be available in sizes M and L at the beginning of 2023. As with the DT50, a TSX MAG encoder is also available.

For more information on the new motors, visit the maxon website here.

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