October 14, 2022

By Tom Atwood

CeleraRobotJoint400x275What is it? Celera Motion’s Selective Compliance Robot Joint brings together several features to optimize performance in a wide variety of mechatronics applications. The collective compliance assembly robot joint has dual encoders to improve smoothness and accuracy. It allows the control system to compensate for internal stiffness, improving collaborative operations. The integrated dual encoders, high-ratio strain wave gearbox and direct drive motor provide the lowest possible axial length, improving travel and agility. The Optira encoder allows up to 5nm resolution; interpolation and signal processing is located in the sensor head. The Optira encoder and Omni series motor combination permits high speeds from direct drive technology. 

Celera said it has extensive expertise in a range of applications, including but not limited to medical robotics, pharmacy automation, dental imaging and surgery, lab diagnostics, satellite communications and surveillance, antenna control, autonomous mobile robot and warehouse robotics, PCB assembly and lithography. 

Key features:

  • Accelerates with high mechanical stiffness and zero backlash
  • Optira encoder allows up to 5nm resolution
  • Minimized rotor and stator mass maximizes service life
  • Magnetic design offers high torque density in a compact, agile form factor
  • Customer input and requirements start initial design conversation
  • Design specifications are established and documented
  • Prototypes are assembled and tested
  • Design is validated with custom software and test automation

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