April 11, 2022

ThundercommSoC400x275China’s Pudu Robotics has announced unveiling two intelligent robots empowered by Thundercomm’s advanced system on module (SOM) products and technologies. The SwiftBot and PUPU D1 are designed to meet the demands of food delivery and restaurants and goods deliveries in separate scenarios.

The SwiftbBot is powered by Thundercomm’s TurboX C8250 SOM, allowing it to visualize delivery routes, have accurate backward perception, and be flexible in multi-directional avoidance. The PUPU D1 quadruped delivery robot features two intelligent SOMs, the C8250 and C5165, which feature small volume, human-machine interfaces and motion control capabilities. The D1 robot can adapt to more complex terrains in goods delivery scenarios, Pudu said.

“We are very pleased to work with Pudu Robotics to build leading delivery robot products and solutions,” said Hiro Cai, CEO of Thundercomm. “Thundercomm is committed to empower our clients to develop competitive and innovative products in the intelligent sector. We expect that both Pudu Robotics and Thundercomm will further promote technological innovation and launch more excellent products to meet the diversified delivery demands from different markets.”

Thundercomm, based in San Diego, is a joint venture between ThunderSoft and Qualcomm. The company was established to accelerate innovation in the Internet of Things and automotive industry, providing one-stop solutions powered by Qualcomm Technologies.

For more details on the company, visit the Thundercomm website here.