January 11, 2022

VecowECX1000 400x275Vecow, which develops embedded AIoT systems, has announced a collaboration with MOV.AI, which helps assist designers with autonomous mobile robot (AMR) development. The partnership will provide an integrated AMR solution that includes Vecow’s ECX-1000 Series Workstation-grade Fanless System with MOV.AI’s Robotics Engine Platform. The combination will help customers develop industrial AMRs to meet a demand of more than 2.1 million mobile robots by the end of 2023, the companies said.

Powered by the Intel Core i7 processor running with a workstation-grade chipset, the Vecow ECX-1000 provides high performance, always-on 5G/Wi-Fi/4G/LTE and Bluetooth mobile availability, smart system manageability, and smart power protection features that are optimized for autonomous operation. The ROS-based Robotics Engine Platform from MOV.AI gives AMR manufactures and automation integrators a system to easily develop enterprise grade robots, with features such as a ROS-based IDE, off-the-shelf autonomous navigation algorithms, deployment tools, and operational tools such as fleet management, flexible interfaces with warehouse environments such as ERP and WMS, cyber-security, and APIs.

The Vecow ECX-1000 also includes the embedded VHub ROS, a turnkey solution that covers AI computing systems, perception SDKs and software platform, with integrated functions to accelerate the requirements of AMR applications. Vecow said the Robotics Engine Platform is included in the VHub ROS solution, serving as a premium version of VHub ROS for AMR developers.

“We are so glad for this win-win partnership with MOV.AI,” said Thomas Su, vice president at Vecow. “Vecow ECX-1000 Series Fanless Workstation running with MOV.AI Robotics Engine Platform delivers an enterprise-grade, easy to build, deploy and operate AMR solution to benefit not only our global partners, but also Vecow and MOV.AI a competitive advantage and faster time-to-market.”

“This joint offering is in line with our mission to simplify collaborative robot development and to provide AMR manufacturers and integrators with everything they need to develop and operate great robots,” said Motti Kushnire, CEO of MOV.AI. “MOV.AI Robotics Engine Platform running on top of Vecow Computing Engine creates a robust end-to-end robotics infrastructure that powers high-performance enterprise-grade robots.”

For more details on Vecow technologies, visit its website here. To learn more about the Robotics Engine Platform, visit the MOV.AI website here.

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