September 27, 2021

VecowBlaize400x275Vecow, which develops embedded systems, and Blaize, which develops edge computing systems, have announced the launch of the Vecow ECX-2400 workstation-grade AI Computing System. The ECX-2400  uses Blaize’s Graph Streaming Processor (GSP) to deliver AI performance with higher system reliability, lower power consumption and faster time-to-market. The system is aimed for public security, robotic control, traffic vision, and any Industry 4.0 or AI applications at the edge to give a better total cost of ownership.

Powered by 10-core 10th generation Intel Xeon Core i9/i7/i5/i3 processors, and incorporating the Blaize Xplorer X1600P PCI series AI accelerator card, the system supports up to  80 TOPS of AI inference performance in a compact and ruggedized configuration, the companies said. To address industrial requirements, the ECX-2400 AI features smart system protection functions, including 12V to 50V wide range DC power input, 80V surge protection, software ignition power control and even 250W system power budget, making it useful for any mission-critical AI accelerating tasks at the edge.

“The Blaize software programmable GSP architecture excels in AI inference for edge-based products and appliances,” said Kev Waing, applied software manager at Vecow. In addition, the system integrated the Blaize Pcasso SDK into VHub  AI developer software, enabling users to easily develop, deploy and manage edge AI inference systems with single-core or quad-core Blaize Xplorer AI Inference Accelerators.

“It’s our honor to carry a new powerful and lower power consumption AI accelerator solution to the market,” said Joseph Huang, global sales director at Vecow. “Industrial users have stringent requirements for trusted and reliable AI computing engines with longevity support and less total cost of ownership. This collaboration with Blaize contributes our global partners and customers closer to their success with faster time-to-market consideration.”

“Industrial customers using vision analytics in use cases such as industrial inspection, manufacturing production line anomaly, human robot interaction, employee safety and smart camera systems can utilize the ECX-2400 AI to advance operational efficiencies and processes,” said Barrie Mullins, senior director of product marketing at Blaize.

The company will produce two versions of the system - the ECX-2400 AI-P includes the workstation-grade 10th Gen Intel Xeon/Core i9/i7/i5/i3 (Comet Lake) AI Computing system with single-core Blaize Xplorer AI accelerator; while the ECX-2400 AI-PQ includes a quad-core AI accelerator.