LeopardImagingGMSL3 400x275Leopard Imaging, which develops embedded cameras, has announced it integrated Analog Devices’ new GMSL3 technology into its embedded vision solutions to support global customers.



InuitiveNU4100 400x275Israel-based Inuitive Ltd, which develops vision-on-chip processors, has announced the launch of its new NU4100, an expansion of its vision and artificial intelligence IC portfolio. Based on a unique architecture and advanced 12nm process technology, the NU4100 IC supports integrated dual-channel 4K ISP, enhanced AI processing and depth sensing on a single-chip, low-power design.


FlexLogixInferXHawk400x275Flex Logix Technologies, which supplies high-performance and efficient edge artificial intelligence inference accelerators, has announced the InferX Hawk – a hardware and software-ready mini-ITX x86 system designed to help customers customize, build and deploy edge and embedded AI systems


ValensLeopard A PHY400x275Leopard Imaging, which develops embedded vision systems, has announced a partnership with Valens Semiconductor, which provides high-speed connectivity systems for the automotive and audio-video markets. The partnership aims to design a camera module that will enable OEMs and Tier 1 providers to reduce the time to market for their A-PHY-based systems, a standard that can be used to support Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS).


RobustelEdgeGateways400x275Robustel, which designs and manufactures industrial-quality wireless IoT modems, routers and gateways, has announced a new series of cost competitive, fully integrated edge computing gateways. The Edge Gateway series will initially launch with three product lines, featuring the ARMv7 and ARMv8 architecture.


Fibocom aetina400x275China’s Fibocom, which provides Internet of Things (IoT) wireless solutions and communication modules, has announced a collaboration with Taiwan’s Aetina Corporation, which develops high-performance GPGPU and edge AI computing solutions. The new effort aims to bring high-speed, ultra-reliable and low-latency 5G capabilities to empower robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles, industrial IoT, and smart healthcare applications.


OSS XpoBooth400x275At the One Stop Systems (OSS) booth at Xponential 2022, we saw several computer systems designed for use in autonomous vehicles of several types, or at ground stations. The San Diego-based company designs and manufactures edge computing modules and systems.


Cincoze DV1000 400x275Taiwan’s Cincoze, which develops embedded computers, has announced the high-performance DV-1000 rugged series to its DIAMOND product line. The DV-1000 includes a compact chassis and flexible expansion options, designed for industrial applications with limited installation space, such as smart manufacturing, machine vision, and railway computing.


SalienceLabsPhotonicChip400x275England-based Salience Labs has announced it raised $11.5 million in a seed round to develop an ultra high-speed multi-chip processor that combines photonics and electronics to accelerate exponential advances in artificial intelligence.


AIE900 XNX 400x275Axiomtek, which develops and manufactures industrial computer products, has announced the AIE900-XNX, its new edge computing system that uses the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX platform. The new system is aimed at vision AI applications including computer vision, vision-guided robotics, autonomous mobile robots, intelligent roadside units, workplace safety, obstacle detection and traffic management, among others.


ThundercommSoC400x275China’s Pudu Robotics has announced unveiling two intelligent robots empowered by Thundercomm’s advanced system on module (SOM) products and technologies. The SwiftBot and PUPU D1 are designed to meet the demands of food delivery and restaurants and goods deliveries in separate scenarios.


Lanner MOV 400x275Lanner Electronics and MOV.AI have announced a collaboration to provide developers of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) an integrated computing and software platform to help optimize performance and speed the deployment of AMRs.


NVIDIA Jetson agx orin400x275NVIDIA has announced the availability of its Jetson AGX Orin developer kit, a compact and energy-efficient AI supercomputer for advanced robotics, autonomous machines and the next generation of embedded and edge computing systems.



OusterDigitalLidar400x275Ouster has announced the introduction of the Chronos chip, an automotive-grade, custom digital lidar silicon receiver that will power its DF solid-state sensor suite. The Chronos chip is the foundation of the DF architecture, and allows Ouster to deliver more power efficient, higher performance and compact digital lidar sensors to enable Level 2 through Level 5 automation in high-volume automotive production vehicles.


CincozeDI 1100 400x275Cincoze has announced a new industrial embedded computer aimed at different smart factory applications. The DI-1100 is designed for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), ensuring on-time delivery of components to a production line or goods to warehouse racks, and suitable for 24/7 operation in outdoor remote monitoring systems.


VecowECX1000 400x275Vecow, which develops embedded AIoT systems, has announced a collaboration with MOV.AI, which helps assist designers with autonomous mobile robot (AMR) development. The partnership will provide an integrated AMR solution that includes Vecow’s ECX-1000 Series Workstation-grade Fanless System with MOV.AI’s Robotics Engine Platform. The combination will help customers develop industrial AMRs to meet a demand of more than 2.1 million mobile robots by the end of 2023, the companies said.