May 19, 2022

SoftRobotics mGripAI 400x275Soft Robotics has announced it expanded the commercial focus for its mGripAI artificial intelligence-enabled picking solutions, to include the consumer goods, e-commerce and logistics industries. The combination of 3D vision, AI and soft grasping gives industrial robots the dexterity and hand-eye coordination of human workers, enabling their use in unstructured applications that include order fulfillment, sortation, decanting, and kitting, the company said.

Initially aimed at the food processing industry in 2021, mGripAI can reliably pick, place, and sort delicate and variable products at extremely high speeds (more than 90 picks per minute), Soft Robotics said. The solution can now help warehouses and distribution centers decouple their operations from the challenges of labor availability.

“Entering the logistics and e-commerce industry is the natural next step for Soft Robotics and mGripAI 3D picking technology,” said Austin Harvey, senior director of product at Soft Robotics. “We’re excited to start working with these customers to help increase their throughput and keep up with growing consumer demand. The unprecedented pick rates of mGripAI, its ability to handle product variability, and the overall ease-of-deployment are game-changers as companies in this space continue to look for answers to their labor challenges.”

The company said it will demonstrate mGripAI at next month’s Automate show in Detroit, to be held June 6-9. For more details on Soft Robotics and its technology, visit its website here.