November 22, 2021

Firgelli linear actuator400x275Firgelli Automations, which develops linear actuators and other motion equipment, has announced new adjustable limit switch linear actuators that feature a patent-pending mechanical limit switch device, which allows users to alter the built-in stopping position to give them additional flexibility.

The company said electro-mechanical linear actuators typically have built-in non-adjustable limit switches that stop the actuator when it reaches either its fully extended or fully retracted position. For example, a linear actuator with a 6-inch stroke will automatically stop once the rod has extended the full six inches. “The issue is that not all applications will require the exact stroke length that is factory set,” said Firgelli. “Installation and fitting become extremely difficult due to the inability to alter the pre-set internal limit switches, which may necessitate the use of an external limit switch.”

With the new actuators, users can modify the final one inch of travel to produce a bespoke stroke length that properly matches an application, making final fit and installation considerably easier, the company said. In addition, the stroke can be modified over time to correct for any external conditions that may require changes over time, such as material expansion and contraction, or application wear and tear.

This new technology has been included into Firgelli’s premium line of linear actuators, which are used in industries such as robotics, home automation, recreational vehicles, and even entertainment, the company said. It added that the new technology does not impact the actuator’s IP rating at all, which means Firgelli did not have to reduce the IP rating to accommodate the new feature.

For more details on the new actuators, visit the Firgelli website here.

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