Grippers / Actuators / End Effectors

SoftRoboticsmGrip400x275Soft Robotics has announced the expansion of its mGrip Modular Gripping System with new capabilities and an IP69K rating that enables safe food handling of proteins and dairy products. The company said these new features put more capabilities into the hands of machine builders to design flexible end-of-arm tools that can withstand high-pressure washdown environments.


Umbratek400x275China’s Umbratek, a new robotic startup, has released its first robotic arm series, called the UTRA, on Kickstarter. The company is offering five different robot arm models to choose from, with a modular design aimed to be powerful and affordable. The UTRA series is available for as low as $2,999 via a Super Early Bird Special on Kickstarter.


Piab CheeseSlices400x275Through the use of suction cups and vacuum generators, Piab and CAMA Group have created a new packaging system that can handle and package 280 pouches of cheese slices per minute. The system allows for the automatic handling of pouches of different formats at high process speeds.

HarmonicDrive RSF 5Harmonic Drive has announced its new RSF-5, a miniature actuator with an integrated servo drive. The product eliminates the need for an external drive, greatly simplifying cabiling while retaining high-positional accuracy and torsional stiffness in a compact housing, the company said.


StaubliMPS tool changer400x275Stäubli has announced a newly designed range of compact robotic tool-changing systems, with five new MPS sizes that cover a payload range up to 80 kg. The company said the variety of transfer technologies and precision accuracy (+/- 1.5 µm) give the company robotic tool-changing systems for all payloads and all robots.

OnRobotMG10 400x275OnRobot has launched the MG10, an advanced magnetic gripper designed for material handling, assembly and machine tending applications in the manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace sectors. Fully compatible with all major robot brands, the all-electric gripper includes programmable force features and comes with a built-in grip and part detection sensors.


DestacoTC1 400x275Destaco, which designs and manufactures high-performance automation solutions, has announced the TC1 manual tool changer, designed for collaborative robot pick and place, load and unload applications. The TC1 provides seamless integration for fast tool change operations, expanding cobot flexibility and increasing the return on investment for cobots.

OnRobotVGP20 400x275Denmark-based OnRobot has released its new VGP20 gripper, an electric vacuum gripper that can handle payloads up to 20 kg (44.09 lbs), and compatible with all leading robot brands. The new gripper supports applications that range from cosmetics, electronics, to pharmaceuticals and food and beverage, among others.


CeleraMotionCapitan400x275Celera Motion, which develops precision motion component and sub-system solutions, has announced its Capitan Series to their line of premium performance Ingenia servo drives. The drives are aimed to deliver maximum performance for applications that include surgical robotics, exoskeletons, robotic joints and end effectors, among others.


HitecSG50BL 400x275Hitec Commercial Solutions has announced the SG50BL actuator with CAN and UAVCAN connectivity. Designed with steel gears and a high-performance brushless motor, the SG50 is capable of operating at a wide voltage range of 18.0 to 32.0 volts.

Haptx 400x275HaptX has announced the release of HaptX Gloves DX2, a major upgrade to its advanced haptic feedback gloves. The DK2 include true-contact haptics available for purchase, and are designed for professionals in training and simulation, industrial design, and robotics.

CeleraMotion AuraSeries400x275Celera Motion, which develops precision motion component and subsystem solutions, has announced the Aura Absolute Chip Encoder Series to its line of precision rotary and linear optical encoders with MicroE technology. Aura uses a short wave-length LED for precise absolute position decoding, Celera said in a statement. An incremental scale track and advanced sensor produce pure sine wave signals, enabling high-resolution interpolation with run speeds greater than 80k rpm.


Advancing gripping technology is essential for promoting new uses for automated systems. Festo’s Bionic Mobile Assistant robotic helper, one of the latest reveals from the company’s Bionic Learning Network, represents a significant advance in mimicking that most amazing gripping tool of nature – the human hand.




OnRobot has recently launched the 2FG7, a complete, low cost, easy to use, out-of-the-box, cleanroom-ready parallel gripper. Designed to enable companies of all sizes to set up gripping applications at low cost, the 2FG7 can be deployed within minutes and is specially designed to handle demanding payloads –even in tight spaces.