October 6, 2022

McKimCreed400x275McKim & Creed, a North Carolina-based engineering and surveying firm, has announced its continued investment in the latest technologies by adding the NavVis VLX to its mobile lidar collection capabilities.

The NavVis VLX is a wearable mobile survey system designed to capture survey-grade point clouds (up to an accuracy of 8mm) and high-resolution imagery within challenging indoor and outdoor environments, including buildings and bridges. Equipped with two lidar sensors and four cameras, the NavVis VLX offers complete 360-degree data capture.

“With this cutting-edge technology, we will be able to better support our architectural partners by leveraging this scan-to-BIM and scan-to-CAD capability,” said Matt Daves, a senior vice president at McKim & Creed. “The result of the point cloud data captured in the built environment will now deliver accurate as-built BIM models and CAD drawings in Revit, Autocad and Archicad.”

The engineering firm said it recognizes the importance of equipping its geomatics experts with the best technology to continue to deliver high-quality survey and mapping services to clients.

“McKim & Creed invests in the latest geospatial technology, which allows us to provide the best method possible in helping our clients solve complex infrastructure challenges,” said Tom Ruschkewicz, another senior vice president at McKim & Creed. “This new reality capture technology enhances our existing specialized geospatial services and provides robust options to give our clients the data they need.”

For more information on the company’s mobile lidar services, visit the McKim & Creed website here.