August 23, 2022

LSLidar 400x275Shenzhen, China-based LSLiDAR, which develops 3D sensing solutions, has announced the launch of its LS series 1550nm fiber laser automotive-grade lidar, designed to meet long-range and high-resolution sensing requirements for advanced driving and assistance (ADAS) Level 3+ applications.

Equipped with an in-house fiber laser design, the LS series aims to deliver unrivaled performance and achieve best-in-class affordability in a compact form factor, the company said.

Product highlights of the LS series include:

  • A 500-meter ranging capability, with 250 meters at 10% reflectivity. Compared to conventional 905nm laser, the 1550nm platform is more than 10,000 times safer for the human eye, the company said. This allows for peak pulse power reaching longer detection distances while maintaining eye safety. This lets intelligent driving systems to detect smaller objects sooner at high speeds.
  • An ultra-dense point cloud with image-grade resolution. The LS series enables vehicle systems to identify potential road hazards earlier, with 128-line, 256-line and 512-line configurations that generate 1.6 million points/sec., 3.2 million points/sec., and 6.4 million points/sec., respectively.
  • A customized ROI for ultra-fine detection. The LS series provides a field of view of 120 degrees vertical by 25 degrees horizontal. The 128-line has a standard resolution of 0.09 degrees horizontal by 0.2 degrees vertical. With the Region of Interest (ROI) feature enabled, equivalent to 512 lines, the angular resolution can reach as little as 0.05 degrees. The LS series 256-line configuration has a standard resolution of 0.09 degrees horizontal by 0.1 degrees vertical. With ROI enabled, equivalent to 800 lines, the angular resolution can reach as little as 0.03 degrees. This enables systems to see small objects at long distances, the company said.
  • A 45mm ultra-slim body for streamlined roof integration. The overall dimension of the LS series is 225 by 120 by 45 mm, which is 20% smaller than comparable products on the market LSLiDAR said. Vehicles integrated with the LS series would have improved aesthetics and lower fuel or battery consumption, the company said.
  • The in-house design of fiber laser provides affordability. The company said the core component of the 1550nm lidar is fiber laser, which accounts for more than 70% of the total cost. The company said it has spent three years of in-house research to produce the special fiber laser core, more than 10 kinds of high-power fiber components and special automatic equipment to produce the fiber laser system, in an attempt to reduce the cost of ownership for customers.

LSLiDAR said the image-grade 1550nm lidar is now available to automotive OEM customers worldwide. Additional configurations are available with detection range up to 2,000 meters.

More details on the company are available at the LSLiDAR website here.