January 5, 2022

QuanergyCharger400x275Quanergy Systems, which provides lidar sensors and smart perception solutions, has partnered with iCent (the company’s system integrator in Korea) to showcase a next-generation autonomous electric vehicle (EV) charging robot for smart city planning. The M-series 3D lidar sensors and advanced 3D perception software Qortex will be installed on the robots to provide them with advanced navigational capabilities.

The robot is part of a smart city project aimed to increase the adoption of eco-friendly vehicles and reduce emissions in South Korea, the company said. The solution aims to address a key hurdle to widespread EV adoption – the lack of sufficient charging stations to support the growth. Quanergy said its lidar sensors and Qortex DTC software will provide advanced 3D perception that enables safe, efficient navigation of EV charging robots that can be deployed by local Korean governments throughout the country, beginning at the end of 2022.

“EV charging robots will rapidly expand the infrastructure needed to accelerate the growth of the EV market and make eco-friendly cars more practical for the public,” said Won Sang Moon, CEO of iCent. “Quanergy’s strong position within the smart city industry and their advanced 3D lidar solutions provide the reliability and accuracy required to support this application. In addition, Quanergy’s M-Series lidar sensor has been well received as a trusted solution with great performance that’s also extremely easy to use.”

The company said each robot is equipped with three lidar sensors – one M8 sensor that detects and classifies objects in “stop” mode – and two M1 Edge sensors with integrated Qortex Aware software for smart navigation and collision avoidance. The sensor flags potential dangers or obstacles in the robot’s path to prevent accidents. Detection zones are monitored dynamically based on the robot’s movement, ensuring safe navigation to and from the charging location.

In addition to Quanergy, companies working on the project include KETI (robot driving and control software), EKOS ENC (robot design and manufacturing), and lidar and vision-based AI software from iCent.

“Lidar is quickly becoming a go-to solution for IoT projects,” said Enzo Signore, CMO at Quanergy. “As the eyes of autonomous robots, lidar plays a critical role in building the future – from smart city infrastructure to industrial automation and beyond.”

For more information on Quanergy and its technologies, visit its website here.