November 16, 2021

Lumentum1Darray 400x275Lumentum Holdings, which develops vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) arrays for 3D sensing and light detection and ranging (lidar) applications, has announced it expanded its multi-junction VCSEL-based offerings to include new breakthrough high-performance 1D and 2D addressable arrays. The new arrays can assist developers of advanced automotive, consumer and industrial lidar and 3D sensing applications.

Lumentum said VCSEL arrays have become the preferred laser illumination source for short-range 3D sensing applications, such as biometric security and world-facing lidar in consumer mobile devices, due to its reliability and ability to be manufactured at scale. The company’s multi-junction VCSEL arrays are a way to deliver the significantly higher peak optical power densities and efficiencies required for longer-range applications by decreasing the electrical current needed and simplifying electrical driver and package design. The addition of array addressability to Lumentum’s VCSEL arrays enables a more compact, reliable, robust and fully solid-state lidar solution with no moving parts, the company added.

“We’re excited to build on our industry-leading multi-junction VCSEL technology with this breakthrough and bring addressable array illumination sources to longer-range depth-sensing applications like lidar,” said Matt Everett, product line director of 3D sensing at Lumentum. “On-chip array addressability can eliminate the need for mechanical beam scanning, which opens a new world of possibilities for autonomous vehicles and emerging 3D sensing systems, and will help accelerate lidar adoption across a wide range of customer applications.”

The new multi-junction addressable VCSEL arrays emit at 905 nm and 940 nm, and are build on the same manufacturing foundation developed with high-volume VCSEL array shipments that serve the consumer electronics market, Lumentum said. The higher peak power, addressability, thermal stability, and narrow wavelength range of these sources offer new potential for all-solid-state short-, medium- and long-range lidar systems.

Lumentum said these new products are expected to be available starting in Q4 2022. More details can be found at Lumentum’s website here.