November 16, 2021

QuanergyM1Edge 400x275Quanergy Energy Systems, which develops OPA-based solid-state lidar sensors for automotive and IoT use cases, has announced the M1 Edge 2D lidar sensors paired with Quanergy’s QORTEX Aware perception software. The M1 Edge is an integrated software and hardware solution designed to collect, analyze and interpret lidar point cloud data for several industrial applications without requiring additional programming.

The M1 Edge includes compact, lightweight lidar sensors with accurate sensing capabilities up to 200 meters away, broad 360-degree coverage, and angular resolution of 0.033 degrees for best-in-class measurement, Quanergy said. The sensors are IP67 rated for harsh environments, and  can perform in any lighting or weather conditions, providing up to 60,000 hours mean time between failure and delivering a lower cost of ownership than competing solutions, the company added.

M1 Edge integrates the sensor with the onboard Aware smart perception software to monitor user-defined detection zones and trigger an alarm on the sensor’s digital output if there is any activity within the zones. Users can create up to eight pre-configured evaluation fields, each with up to three detection zones, where the evaluation field is selected via the sensor’s digital output.

“After evaluating Quanergy’s latest product M1 Edge, we are excited to deploy this low cost, 2D industrial sensor,” said Neil Jacques, president of In-Position Technologies. “It solves real world industrial sensing applications by combining simple to use software vision tools with a high-resolution lidar array. We know of no other outdoor-rated sensor that has both the range and resolution of the M1 Edge.”

The system enables reliable collision avoidance and smart navigation for mobile equipment. For example, when mounted on an automated guided vehicle (AGV) or autonomous mobile robot (AMR), the sensor monitors the surrounding area, flagging potential dangers and obstacles in the vehicle’s path. Detection zones being monitored can dynamically change based on the vehicle’s movement.

In addition, M1 Edge provides accurate detection and measurement for stationary and dynamic applications that require simple alerting when an object enters a monitored area, Quanergy said. For example, in industrial applications, M1 Edge can enable monitoring for level and height-sensing applications, including tank level monitoring, object stacking, and fill level detection.

“Lidar has become instrumental in increasing efficiency by solving tough sensing challenges faced by industrial customers, thanks to unmatched reliability and accuracy,” said Tony Rigoni, director of industrial markets at Quanergy. “It’s quick to set up, delivers unmatched performance and competitively priced, making the M1 Edge lidar solution deployable to even a broader range of industrial applications.”

For more details on the M1 Edge system, visit the Quanergy Systems website here.

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