August 30, 2021

LolaarkVision400x275Lolaark Vision has announced a new technology aimed at providing real-time visibility enhancement for systems operating in extreme weather, turbid water, and in darkness. The company is working on prototypes to produce breakthrough results in image processing and real-time video enhancement for marine operations, autonomous vehicles, security and surveillance, and biomedical imaging applications.

The company said poor visibility that results from fog, rain, snow, low or uneven illumination and underwater turbidity can drastically compromise the decision-making ability of machines and humans, which can then cause accidents and loss of life. The company said a solution for these difficult conditions is not a far-fetched objective. The company’s novel technology aims to greatly improve video quality in real-time, even in very harsh conditions. The foundations of the technology were initially developed as part of an academic research project at the University of Houston, and now the company has converted this into a prototype aiming to transform it into marketable software components for navigation systems and self-driving cars.

Lolaark Vision said the prototype has been extensively tested for underwater inspections in murky inland and coastal U.S. waters. “A series of preliminary results indicate that the prototype increases the radius of visibility between three to four times, without introducing visual distortions,” the company said. It also has shown great results in improving the performance of surveillance systems on land in conditions such as fog and snow.

“Lolaark Vision’s technology helps our diver see, and feel safe, even in the harshest waters where visibility is less than one foot,” said Wesley Guntharp, founder and president of Texas Commercial Diving. “I know this technology can be a game-changer.”

“Lolaark Vision is soon going to be a trendsetter where precise vision and visual machine learning is critical for research, safety, and survival,” added Dipendra K. Singh, founder and owner of INET Business Solutions. “Its unparalleled vision technology is going to revolutionize the way machines look at the world.”

For more details and examples of the company’s technology, visit the Lolaark Vision website here.

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