July 6, 2021

MechMindMechEye400x275Mech-Mind Robotics, a Chinese AI startup, has announced the launch of its next-generation Mech-Eye Nano Industrial 3D Camera. Featuring a smaller size with high-quality 3D imaging, the Mech-Eye Nano is aimed at precision-required applications and on-arm mounting for pick-and-place robot applications.

The Mech-Eye Nano is equipped with fast-structured light, giving the palm-sized camera the ability to generate complete, detailed, and accurate point clouds with native and aligned color for several objects, including tiny, shiny, reflective, and colored objects. The company said depth accuracy is optimized to 0.05 mm to 0.3-0.4 m.

Because of its small size and lightweight housing, Mech-Eye Nano is well suited for on-arm mounting in pick-and-place robotics, Mind-Mech said. This includes applications such as assembly, screw driving, high-precision picking, and inspection.

Additional features include:

The company’s full industrial 3D cameras line includes the Mech-Eye Laser, Mech-Eye Pro Enhanced, and Mech-Eye Deep options, in addition to the new Mech-Eye Nano. The company, founded in 2016, has deployed Mech-Eye cameras in more than 1,000 applications worldwide, including manufacturing, steel, food, logistics, finance, and healthcare applications. The company has developed a full R&D infrastructure including 3D cameras, machine vision algorithms, software and intelligent robot programming offerings.

“Mech-Mind specializes in enabling manufacturing by utilizing the best practice of AI and human-robotics interaction,” said Tianlan Shao, founder and CEO of Mech-Mind. “The new generation of Mech-Eye Nano enhances our offering of accuracy applications in space-saving environments.”

For more information on the company’s offerings, visit the Mech-Mind website here.