March 3, 2021

OMRON FH SMD400x275Japan’s OMRON Corp. has announced its new FH-SMD 3D Vision Sensor, which can be mounted on a robot to recognize randomly placed (bulk) automotive parts in three dimensions, enabling space-saving assembly, inspection, and pick-and-place tasks, which are generally difficult to do with conventional robots. OMRON said it continues to bring innovation to manufacturing sites through solutions that combine robots and automation devices.

The company said production workers are hard to come by, and labor costs have risen sharply. “Manufacturers are now facing intense pressure to automate processes that rely on the senses of experienced human workers,” the company said. “In particular, the automotive industry requires vision sensors as the eyes of robots that are indispensable for automation because it is difficult for machines to recognize positions and postures of various complex-shaped parts.” Conventional large 3D vision sensors take longer to detect the status of targets, as well as require larger spaces and mounting equipment. 

The FH-SMD Series 3D Vision Sensor is small and light enough to be mounted on a robot arm, eliminating the need for special mounting equipment, OMRON said. The sensor can be moved to change viewpoints and easily recognize parts, reducing blind spots and providing reliable detection. The 3D measurement technology can detect parts in approximately 0.4 seconds, regardless of the shape and location, the company added.

OMRON also announced a strategic concept called “Innovation Automation” that includes three “I’s” -- integrated (control evolution), intelligent (development of intelligence by ICT) and interactive (new harmonization between people and machines). “By providing productive automation solutions combining the FH-SMD Series and robots, OMRON accelerates the creation of ‘interactive’ manufacturing sites – key to the materialization of ‘innovative automation’ – together with its client companies,” said OMRON.

Additional specifications are available here. See below for additional photos and descriptions.

OMRON features

The small and light 3D vision sensor for robot arms saves installation space. There is no need for big mounting equipment and a major layout change, which are required for other 3D vision sensors.

OMRON chart

OMRON high speed detection

High-speed detection is accomplished by 3D measurement technology to create 3D shape images and 3D recognition technology to identify the position and posture of targets.

OMRON move detect

The camera changes the viewpoint to detect parts at high speeds, reducing blind spots.

System configuration:

Omron lastone