June 21, 2022

LivingVehicle2023 400x275Living Vehicle, which is creating a luxury travel trailer, has announced its 2023 model that includes technology that gets it closer to achieving a Net-Zero offering. The new Living Vehicle 2023 Travel Trailer lets owners “travel far away from campgrounds and overcrowded RV parks” with solar technology capable of creating an endless water supply for its owners.

Through a partnership with Watergen, the 2023 Living Vehicle's water system can use humidity in the air to create potable water. The technologically independent trailer has a robust LVEnergy power system that offers energy independence to power all onboard equipment. The model also includes the Creative Studio, a mobile office that includes the latest technology from Apple to allow professionals to "work on the road."

In addition to autonomous technology and sustainable power, the 2023 model boasts luxury furnishings, gourmet appliances, and spa-like bathing, the company said. The company’s founders, Matthew and Joanna HOfmann, created the company from their own firsthand experiences to “challenge the status quo of living, traveling, and working from the road so the modern nomad can live without compromise.”

“The 2023 Living Vehicle breaks down barriers for nomadic homeowners,” said Matthew Hoffman. “It is our most powerful trailer to date, thanks to our proprietary LVEnergy system. Being able to create our water from air is monumental and allows travelers to not be limited by the size of their water tanks while on the go.”

He added that conventional trailers are designed as a short-term solution designed for recreation, hence the term RV. “Nomadic Living Vehicle homeowners enjoy both form and function with the freedom to remain safe, healthy, and connected longer while exploring the best and most remote destinations in North America without ever having to plug into a campsite or fill up their water tanks. Our vision for Living Vehicle is to support the best possible life, literally creating the very resources we as humans need – completely free from the grid.”

The water-to-air generator is paired with the vehicle’s oversized water tank, multiple redundant power sources, energy storage packs and off-road capabilities. The production of drinking water from humidity in the air via Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) is one of the best water extraction solutions available, the company said. The system saves storage space, allows for ease of preparation of travel, and provides up to five gallons of clean drinkable water per day.

The vehicle’s Creative Studio products allow professionals to perform their jobs from anywhere, with configurable hardware such as Apple’s Pro Display XDR, a 32-inch Retina 6K screen, or the Studio Display, a 27-inch 5K Retina display. To power the system, options include a 16-inch MacBook Pro with M1 Pro or M1 Max. It can be mounted above an 80-inch walnut one- or two-person desk that can be lowered without disturbing the active workspace, revealing a queen-size memory-foam bed.

The Living Vehicle 2023 model is now available for order at a base price of $339,955, and all orders are custom manufactured with a 10- to 12-month lead time. Three models are available, differentiated according to capability and amenities, including CORE, MAX and PRO (the flagship). For more details on the system, visit the Living Vehicle website here.

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