April 14, 2022 

EPC Space 7019G 400x275EPC Space, a division of Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) that develops radiation hardened power devices for space and other harsh environments, has announced the EPC7019G, a 40-volt, 4 mΩ, 530 A-pulsed, radiation-hardened gallium nitride (GaN) transistor that costs less and is more efficient than comparable radiation hardened silicon MOSFET. Applications for the transistors include power supplies for satellites and space mission equipment, motor drives for robotics, instrumentation and reaction wheels, and deep space probes.

With a total dose rating greater than 1 Mrad and SEE immunity for LET of  85 MeV/ (mg per cm-squared), the EPC7019G comes packaged with a new compact hermetic package with dual gate in a footprint less than 45 square-millimeters. Additional applications include power supplies, lidar, motor drives and ion thrusters for space environments.

EPC Space said power devices based on GaN significantly outperform silicon-based devices and enable higher switching frequencies because of its higher breakdown strength, lower gate charge, lower switching losses, better thermal conductivity and lower on-resistance. This results in higher power densities, higher efficiencies, and more compact and lighter weight circuitry for critical spaceborne missions.

“The EPC7019G is the lowest on-resistance of any packaged rad hard transistor currently on the market,” said Bel Lazar, CEO of EPC Space. “This device offers a mission-critical component with superior figure of merit, significantly smaller size, and lower cost for the space and other high-reliability markets than alternative rad hard silicon solutions.”

EPC Space said 500 units with a cost of $212 per unit are available for engineering models, and $315 per unit for space-level grade. Contact the company for more details on availability and delivery options.

For more details and specifications, visit the EPC Space website here.