September 8, 2021

RISERobotics400x275RISE Robotics, which develops high-performance and cost-effective electro-mechanical alternatives to hydraulic cylinders, has announced a partnership with Anthony Liftgates, a manufacturer of liftgates for the trucking industry. The two companies will demonstrate the fluid-free RISE Cylinder inside an Anthony Liftgate at next week’s The Battery Show in Novi, Mich., which takes place Sept. 14-16.

The RISE Cylinder is a fluid-free, electromechanical alternative to hydraulic cylinders for heavy equipment and machinery that addresses the battery-electrification problems inherent in hydraulic systems. It delivers hydraulic-like forces at unprecedented efficiency, speed, and weight, RISE Robotics said. The Cylinder uses up to 90% less energy than hydraulic cylinders. This level of efficiency makes the electrification of heavy machinery practical, and is showcased in the liftgate application. The companies said the project has been underway for three years, and will culminate with the commercial launch of the product, Re-Gen Railtrac, with RISE Inside.

RISE said its focus has been on heavy duty power lift gates. The partnership with Anthony Liftgates results in a liftgate that solves dead battery problems through lower power usage and regenerative charging. It also cycles faster and is more connected than any other liftgate on the planet, the company added.

RISE Robotics was founded in 2010 by graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). The company is backed by The Engine, a Tough Tech Venture Capital Fund Built by MIT, Greentown Labs, and Techstars. For more information on the company, visit the RISE Robotics website here.