April 15, 2021

KnightscopeVicor400x275Knightscope, which develops advanced physical security robots, has announced it selected Vicor to power its future fifth-generation of autonomous security robots. Victor develops high-performance power modules for use in industrial equipment, automation, robotics, UAVs, vehicles, satellites, and aerospace and defense applications.

“We are happy to have Vicor continue with us as part of our propulsion and autonomous recharging technology stack helping us operate efficiently 24/7/365,” said William Santana Li, chairman and CEO of Knightscope.

“We are pleased to support an innovator in the field of robotics,” said Phil Davies, corporate vice president and director of global sales and marketing at Vicor. “Vicor’s high-density, high-performance power modules are a great match for Knightscope, where size, weight, efficiency and flexibility are the key to industry-leading robots.”

Based in Andover, Mass., Vicor offers AC-DC converters and input modules, DC-DC isolated/non-isolated regulated and fixed ratio modules, MIL-COTS systems, and accessories, among other offerings. The company offers a free resource library for design engineers wishing to learn more about specific products, industries, and topics.