Batteries / Power Supplies

WiBotic ClearpathHusky400x275WiBotic, which develops autonomous charging and fleet energy management solutions for aerial, mobile, marine and space robotics, has teamed up with Clearpath Robotics to create wireless charging kits for two models of autonomous robots. Now available through Clearpath’s online component store are kits for the Jackal UGV and Husky UGV. The kits can either be installed on new robots before they are shipped, or retrofitted to existing robots with standard tools and simple instructions.


ROCSYS EV charger400x275ROCSYS, which is developing robotic charging systems for electric vehicles (EV), has announced raising $6.3 million in a round led by Forward.One. The company said the investment will help scale activities throughout Europe, as well as launch a North American business unit as robotics begin to enter the global EV charging domain.


EnvisionMochi 400x275Envision Group has launched Mochi, a mass-produced, mobile smart charging robot that is 100% powered by green electricity. The new device, unveiled at Envision’s Net Zero Day in Shanghai, will be commercially available in June 2021.


MarsHelicopterCloseup400x275Two companies that provided key components for the Mars Ingenuity helicopter, which this week conducted its first historic flight on Mars, have congratulated the NASA team for its success. Both maxon precision motors, which provided motors for the helicopter, and SolAero Technologies, provider of solar panels, offered statements of support for the NASA team.


KnightscopeVicor400x275Knightscope, which develops advanced physical security robots, has announced it selected Vicor to power its future fifth-generation of autonomous security robots. Victor develops high-performance power modules for use in industrial equipment, automation, robotics, UAVs, vehicles, satellites, and aerospace and defense applications.

WiBoticPowerPad400x275WiBotic, which develops autonomous charging and fleet energy management systems for robots, has announced it received the CE Mark approval for two of its wireless charging systems. The marks demonstrate that products traded in the European Economic Area meet rigid safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. The approvals extend on the company’s prior approvals under similar U.S. FCC regulations.


StrategicElementsBattery400x275Australia’s Strategic Elements Ltd. has announced it has demonstrated the ability for its self-charging Battery Ink cells to be scaled down in size, in order to provide a prototype battery pack that could produce a 14-volt output solely by harvesting moisture from the air.

WiBotic MapView Mobile400x275WiBotic, a Seattle-based startup focusing on advanced autonomous charging for robots, has announced new software aimed at providing energy optimization for robot fleets. The new Commander software allows companies operating large fleets of aerial, mobile, underwater or industrial robots to visualize, configure and optimize the delivery of energy throughout the fleet.

JetsonRobotics Zero 400x275Powermat Technologies, which develops wireless charging mats for consumer electronics devices and other equipment, announced a new partnership with Jetsons Robotics to manage the energy transfer and provide advanced wireless charging technology for its solar panel-cleaning robots.


DNEST Drone in box 400x275China-based HEISHA, which develops autonomous drone charging stations, today launched DNEST - it’s newest and smallest charging station, in addition to a global call for exclusive partners.

epc ces 2021Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) today announced it plans to demonstrate the power of its eGaN technology during next week’s virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The company said its technology helps boost performance in consumer applications such as self-driving cars, eMobility, drones, robots, and 48-volt power conversion.