Batteries / Power Supplies

TelinkNowi Module400x275Amsterdam-based Telink and Nowi have announced reinforcing their existing partnership by launching an Energy Autonomous Wireless Connectivity Module, which enables additional energy harvesting use cases by further reducing bill of material (BOM) size, cost and complexity.


ResGreenWirelessCharging400x275ResGreen Group International, which develops next-generation mobile robots and software, has announced it is now offering wireless battery charging for its fleet of automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The wireless charging capability allows vehicles to power up efficiently without requiring building modifications, such as cutting into a floor to install dedicated electrical lines.



AdvancedEnergy AIF42 400x275Denver-based Advanced Energy Industries, which develops precision power conversion, measurement and control solutions, has announced the launch of the AE Artesyn AIF42 AC/DC converter. The new converter reduces system size, delivers 93% efficiency and enhances reliability by minimizing the need for external components. The company said the new converter will expand its presence in the industrial, robotics and 5G telecom markets.


PolyPlusPLE400x275PolyPlus Battery Company, which is focused on developing next-generation batteries, has announced it installed a pilot manufacturing line to produce advanced Lithium Seawater Batteries (Li/SWBs) for subsea and deep ocean applications. The batteries have an energy density of 2,000 Wh/kg and greater than 1,500 WH/l, the company said.


ComeauHydrogen400x275Comau, which develops industrial automation systems, has announced it is working with multiple clients in different parts of the world to automate the production of fuel cells and electrolyzers.


LivingVehicle2023 400x275Living Vehicle, which is creating a luxury travel trailer, has announced its 2023 model that includes technology that gets it closer to achieving a Net-Zero offering. The new Living Vehicle 2023 Travel Trailer lets owners “travel far away from campgrounds and overcrowded RV parks” with solar technology capable of creating an endless water supply for its owners.


ZiGGY car charger400x275EV Safe Charge, which is developing flexible electric vehicle (EV) charging technology, has announced ZiGGY, a mobile EV charging robot. The company said ZiGGY can be deployed in parking facilities, shopping and entertainment centers, hotels, fleet operators and property owners to provide cost-effective charging and overcoming the limitations of stationary EV chargers without the need for costly electrical infrastructure.


WovenPlanetHydrogen400x275Toyota Motor Corporation and its Woven Planet Holdings subsidiary have announced a working prototype of its portable hydrogen cartridge. The design aims to facilitate everyday transport and supply of hydrogen energy to power several daily life applications inside and outside the home, including mobility vehicles, drones, and robots, among others. 


EPC Space 7019G 400x275EPC Space, a division of Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) that develops radiation hardened power devices for space and other harsh environments, has announced the EPC7019G, a 40-volt, 4 mΩ, 530 A-pulsed, radiation-hardened gallium nitride (GaN) transistor that costs less and is more efficient than comparable radiation hardened silicon MOSFET. Applications for the transistors include power supplies for satellites and space mission equipment, motor drives for robotics, instrumentation and reaction wheels, and deep space probes.


ElectroRoute400x275Electreon, which develops wireless and in-road wireless electric vehicle (EV) technology, has announced a one-year extension of the Smartroad Gotland pilot project in Sweden. Funded by the Swedish Transportation Administration, the $2.17 million extension includes an upgrade of 400 meters to the existing installation.


TennantT380AMR 400x275Tennant Company, which designs and manufactures systems for floor cleaning, has announced the introduction of lithium-ion technology to its portfolio of autonomous mobile robots, including the T380AMR, T7AMR, and T16AMR. Tennant and its partner, Brain Corp, have engineered a portfolio of autonomous floor scrubbers and deployed more than 5,400 robotic scrubbers.


FluxPowerC48 400x275Flux Power Holdings, which develops advanced lithium-ion energy storage for commercial and industrial equipment, has announced its C48 lithium-ion battery pack aimed at automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).


GreenCubesSAFEFlex400x275Green Cubes Technology has announced its Lithium SAFEFlex Chargers to complement its Lithium SAFEFlex Batteries, designed to simplify the electrification of material handling equipment. The new chargers are offered in 15 kW and 30 kW models, with each model supporting up to three simultaneous charging ports and the ability to perform voltage auto-detect for each of the charging ports.


raven power400x275Raven Industries, which develops driverless agricultural technology, has announced the launch of OMNiPOWER 3200, the latest model of its autonomous power platform. The company is showcasing the vehicle at Commodity Classic, a farmer-led and farmer-focused trade event in the U.S.


EPC9165 400x275EPC (Efficient Power Conversion) has announced the availability of its EPC9165, a 2 kW, two-phase 48V-14V bidirectional converter designed for high-density and high-power 48V battery packs, such as those required for eMobility and light mobility vehicles.


Powermat RobotCharge400x275Powermat, which develops wireless power solutions, has announced a full-featured wireless charging solution designed for fleets of service robots, including photovoltaic-powered robots that are used for commercial cleaning, delivery, warehouse operations and medical operations tasks.