November 21, 2022

LEMO connectors400x275LEMO, which designs and manufactures precision custom connection and cable solutions, has announced a new range of USB 3.1 connectors that can provide data transfer speeds up to 10 Gbps. The company said the inserts ensure optimum shielding and absolute signal integrity, and are equipped with a pair of USB 2.0 contacts to ensure backward compatibility, and a low voltage power contact.

LEMO also said it it extending its Ethernet compliant portfolio that includes 1,000 Base-T4 and 10G Base-T4 compliant with a new range of Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) connectors that provide data transfer speeds up to 1 Gbps. Offered with either one or two high-speed SPE pairs, the miniature models help ensure robust, safe and lasting compact integrations, the company added.

The new configurations for both USB 3.1 and SPE aim to guarantee high quality and reliable high-speed interconnect solutions for indoor and outdoor environments where absolute signal integrity is needed, LEMO said. The new connectors are available in LEMO’s B, K and T series. 

Key features of the connectors include:

  • Max data speed transfer 10 Gb/s
  • Compliant USB 3.1 protocol
  • Push-Pull latching mechanism
  • 360° screening for full EMC shielding
  • Compact design for space savings
  • IP50, IP66, IP68
  • Temperature range: -55 to 250°C
  • Mating cycles: > 5000
  • Alignment Key: 12 different keyways

For more details on the connectors, visit the LEMO website here.