Heidenhain angularencoder 400x275What is it? Heidenhain signal converters adapt encoder signals to the interface requirements of  an application's downstream electronics. They can process additional sensor signals as needed, and let users flexibly adapt the encoder signal interfaces to the requirements of the applications.

For some applications, additional signals, such as from temperature sensors, are processed and forwarded to the subsequent electronics. For greater flexibility in the application, signals can be interpolated, and different designs can be selected (e.g., housing, connector, top hat rail, or built-in versions). Rewiring the two output flange sockets allows configuration of one VPP or TTL signals with different, settable interpolation factors. With its dust-proof and water-resistant design and IP65 rating, the IBV 6000 interpolation and digitizing electronics can handle harsh daily shop floor conditions, Heidenhain said.

Key features:

  • Reduced cabling
  • 1 Vpp sinusoidal voltage output signals (1 Vpp)
  • TTLx10 Square-wave signals
  • Reference Pulse Width: 270 degrees
  • Output signal 2: 1 Vpp sinusoidal voltage signals (1 Vpp)
  • TTLx2 Square-wave signals
  • Reference Pulse Width: 270 degrees

For more details on the encoder, visit the Heidenhain website here.