September 2, 2022

By Tom Atwood

HarmonicDriveProfile400x275What is it? Harmonic Drive offers several gear units for robotic applications. The company’s zero backlash component gears incorporate a precision cross roller output bearing and flange. Gear Units are very compact, robust and designed to be an easy-to-use gearhead/gearbox solution.

HD’s branded Simplicity Gear Units are non-housed component gearing combined with a precision cross roller output bearing. HD Simplicity Gear Units do not include the housing and output flange, which allows for even tighter integration into the customer’s housing or machine structure. These are available in standard and lightweight versions, with zero-backlash, 1 arc-min accuracy, and ±5 arc-sec repeatability.  

A wide variety of sizes and reduction ratios are available with peak torques ranging from 450 in-lbs. to 60,500 in-lbs. HD also offers CSF mini gearheads for high positioning accuracy in a compact package. The CSF mini gearheads are available in five sizes and four ratios, and are available with shaft or flange outputs.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Zero Backlash
  • Accuracy <1 arc-min
  • High torsional stiffness
  • High efficiency
  • Smooth operation
  • Robust cross roller output bearing

For more information on the company’s gear units and other robotic components, visit the Harmonic Drive website here.

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