August 2, 2022

LEMO 58286 MSeriesHY400x275LEMO, which designs and manufactures precision custom connection and cable solutions, has announced expanding its field-proven M series with a new vacuum-tight model, named HY. Available in all sizes and low-voltage configurations, the new fixed socket model has been specifically designed for applications that require vacuum-tight integrations in harsh environments.

A new innovative potting material helps enable the HY model to achieve vacuum-tight sealing with ultra-low leak rates over a broad temperature range, the company said. It also integrates optimized PCB tails to enable easier PCB routings, even on high-density configurations. The mass connection has also been improved, and now offers the possibility to use either standard ground pins or special anti-vibration threaded holes for “screw through” PCB fixation.

“This new addition to the M series lineup is providing customers with the highest density ratchet coupling connectors on the market where vacuum-tight integrations are required,” said LEMO. “The ultra-low leak rate coupled to its wide temperature range allows for unmatched performances in optical enclosures or high-altitude applications.

For more specifications on the connectors, visit the LEMO website here.

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