April 22, 2022

LEMO M Connectors400x275Product name: LEMO M series of High Power Connectors.

What is it? The new connectors combine the light and compact M series bodies with new gold-plated high power contacts. Safe, lightweight, rugged and fully waterproof, the connectors offer comprehensive interconnect solutions for robotics, motorsport, defense, aerospace and drone markets.

Key features: Accommodating cables from 10 square-millimeters (AWG 8) to 50 square-millimeters (AWG 1), the connectors come in various unipole and multi-pole configurations for single- and three-phase requirements.

The new configurations were developed to satisfy the most stringent connection requirements for high power distribution of electronic devices and electric drive vehicles, and are suited to the most demanding environmental conditions and mission-critical solutions.

Handling up to 430A rated current, the M series High Power configurations offer the highest power through the smallest shell size connector on the market, LEMO says.

For additional specifications and details, visit the LEMO website here.

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