October 12, 2021

GelSight400x275GelSight, which develops tactile  imaging and sensing technology, has announced the latest version of its GelSight Mobile probe, the Series 2. The new generation of GelSight’s mobile device offers a sleek form factor that is one-third lighter and less than half the volume of its predecessor, allowing it to scan surfaces in tighter spaces while maintaining accuracy, speed, and field of view.

The company’s non-destructive elastomeric 3D imaging systems are used to improve quality control processes in aerospace, automotive, and other high-value industries. The technology that was invented at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides extremely detailed and rapid surface measurements and robotic sensing capabilities.

The technology enables digital tactile sensing with the sensitivity and resolution of human touch, the company said. Data captured by the platform leverages proprietary software and algorithms to provide detailed, accurate surface characterization to generate significant gains in productivity on production floors and in the field, while also reducing the costs associated with manual or tool-based visual inspection. The handheld device can be deployed on production and assembly lines to enable rapid and documented quality assurance decisions. Dimensions of scratches, dents, gaps, offset, hole diameter, and fastener flushness can be measured in high resolution, on any surface, in seconds, the company said.

The Series 2 product also addresses needs in new market verticals, creating new use cases for customers. After bringing on new CEO Youssef Benmokhtar in June 2021, GelSite said it looks to industries that can benefit from its fast, accurate, micron-level measurements on a wide variety of surfaces, such as the additive manufacturing and energy sectors.

“We took the accuracy, speed and mobility that our customers loved about the first-generation handheld device, and incorporated that into a smaller, more user-friendly form factor that can deliver payback value in a matter of weeks in terms of saved production time, labor costs, and scrap,” said Benmokhtar. “The introduction of  Series 2 is ushering GelSight into a new era. We are digitizing tactile sensing to unlock new opportunities for in-line and off-line quality control innovation, across industries.”

“We use the GelSight Mobile for our MRO operations, and we are delighted to now incorporate the Mobile Series 2,” said Yann Siehen of Safran Helicopter Engines. “We had the opportunity to evaluate Series 2 and have been impressed by its performance. Its compact and lightweight design will definitely increase the number of use cases and will accelerate our return on investment.

For more details on the GelSight Mobile Series 2, visit the company’s website here.

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