January 25, 2021

Pre EarthPLB Connectors400x275Amphenol Industrial Operations, which develops interconnect systems, announced it has enhanced its Pre-Earth First Mate Last Break (FMLB) connectors. The connectors provide a path for any stray voltage to be shifted to a safe ground to avoid harming both the operator and voltage-sensitive equipment.

The Pre-Earth FMLB connectors are designed to meet safety requirements for applications where a protective circuit from the ground to the shell is needed, Amphenol said. They feature first mate, last break capability “where the grounding pin engages prior to the engagement of the remaining pins, making any mating cycle electrically safe.” In addition, they include a receptacle with IP67 protection when unmated and plug when in the mated condition for moisture sealing and waterproofing; conformity with European safety standards of DIN VDE 0627; SAE AS50151 dimensions and performance; as well as being intermateable with MS 5015 and 97 series styles. It also meets the IEC/EN 61984, Amphenol added.

The company said the connectors offer hard dielectric inserts for better pin alignment and an enhanced mechanical strength compared to its MIL-5015 connector. The connectors are very versatile for a number of different applications, including:

  • Factory automation
  • Process and control testing
  • Medical equipment
  • Measurement equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Semiconductor applications equipment
  • Servo motors
  • Robots
  • Machine tools

Additional specifications include:

  • An operating temperature range from -55 C to 125 C
  • The ability to withstand up to 100 mating cycles
  • A current rating of 5A to 80A
  • Voltage ratings of 110, 150, 200, 250, 400 and 500 VAC

More details are available at Amphenol’s website, or you can download a PDF with more details here.